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Conspiracy theory or economic theory?

Is cheap gas OPEC’s way of robbing Obama of his clean energy initiative?

Why have gas prices dropped so low, so quickly, and so soon after endless proclamations of a future of $200/barrel oil? The New York Times thinks that it has something to do with a drop …

Bail big or bail home

As long as the feds are restructuring auto companies, why not drag them into the 21st century?

The New Republic has an interesting article up from two bona fide experts on the auto industry (who are not employed by the industry), contributing to a discussion where ideas have been plentiful but expertise …

I looked up 'redundant' in the dictionary and it said: 'see: redundant'

Better Place comes to Hawaii

Hawaii is now a Better Place.

Thorns and roses

The not-so-fragrant side of fresh-cut flowers

In conventional development dogma, the fresh-cut flower industry makes plenty of sense. Nations in the global south need foreign exchange and jobs; folks in the industrialized north have plenty of disposable income for buying pretty …

Notable quotable

Somebody’s going to get rich

“There is going to be a generation of Googles and Ciscos in the cleantech area. It’s coming.” – Alan Salzman, co-founder and chief executive of VantagePoint Venture Partners, which has more than $1 billion allocated …

Meat Wagon: Chicken-shit blues

NYT: Maryland poultry CAFOs snuff out Chesapeake oyster industry

In Meat Wagon, we round up the latest outrages from the meat and livestock industries. —– I write this on the second day of December — one among a string of months that end in …

E.U. agrees on emission rules for cars

The European Union has reportedly struck a deal with the bloc’s automakers, agreeing to rules that would see car manufacturers cut their fleets’ emissions 18 percent by 2015 and 40 percent by 2020. The E.U. …

Ford planning shift to small cars, company says

Ford Motor Co. is planning a significant product shift that will focus on the manufacture of small, fuel-efficient cars in lieu of its largely failed strategy since the 1990s to churn out mostly large vehicles …

Massive solar installation completed in Southern California

California’s largest solar-panel installation was completed this week atop a warehouse in Southern California; 600,000 square feet of solar panels will produce enough electricity to power some 1,300 homes. The installation is the first in …

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