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Utilities ponder big buy of electric cars

In a move to support flailing automakers — and potentially boost their own bottom line — several big U.S. utilities are considering putting in orders for thousands of electric cars.

A review of Joel Makower’s Strategies for the Green Economy

If there were an M.B.A. school for green executives, Joel Makower undoubtedly would be its dean, historian, and booster-in-chief. Joel Makower. During a 20-year career, Makower has chronicled the rise of the green movement in …

Nix fuel-efficiency requirement from Big Auto loan, says White House

To avoid “partisan gridlock” and give U.S. automakers quicker access to a $25 billion loan, Congress should drop the requirement that the money be used to improve vehicle fuel efficiency, the White House said Friday. …

Times Square billboard will be powered by renewables

A billboard powered entirely by the wind and sun is coming to New York City’s Times Square. And when the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine? The billboard, advertising office-equipment giant Ricoh, will …

E.U. may label tires with efficiency ratings

The European Union may soon require tires to be labeled with a rating of their efficiency, grip, and noise. “A”-rated, high-efficiency tires could cut fuel bills by up to 10 percent over “G”-rated, low-efficiency tires, …

GM 2.0

Call it ‘green mobility’

With an auto industry bailout careening down the pike, Climate Solutions policy director KC Golden has some vitally needed insights regarding what we need to demand from industry leader GM in return. —– We should …

Ted Turner talks with Lou Dobbs

In this epic Meeting of Blowhards, some good stuff gets said about climate and energy and related matters:

Meat Wagon: Fowl play

Is Tyson trying to drive its biggest chicken competitor out of business?

In Meat Wagon, we round up the latest outrages from the meat and livestock industries. ——– Update [2008-11-18 12:4:19 by Tom Philpott]: The credit-rating agency Fitch has come out with a presentation claiming that a …

Why the health of the auto industry matters to you

Automotive industry provides $13 million jobs, generates $10 billion in tax revenue

This post is a response to Joseph Romm’s post, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems,” on the future of the American automotive industry. —– Most Americans rely on their cars to drive to work or leisure but …

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