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Myth: Pricing carbon will destroy the economy

Legislators from dirty-energy producing states, energy-intensive business lobbies, and conservative think tanks struggle to outdo one another with apocalyptic predictions about the effects of mandatory greenhouse gas emission reductions. See, for example, the Chamber of …

We Cement to Do That

Does carbon-eating cement deserve the hype?

I am trying to identify the plausible CO2-mitigation strategies that are scalable — that can comprise at least a half a wedge (see “How the world can stabilize at 350 to 450 ppm: The full …

Stop the auction permits before they kill again

Waxman bill threatens children and elderly, says very concerned power industry

Reactions to the Waxman energy legislation are going to be pouring in over the coming days and weeks. On an early read, environmentalists are enthusiastic. But who is looking out for society’s most vulnerable? Power …

It's not easy being, um, corporate

‘Getting Green Done’ speaks hard truths about sustainable business

Corporate sustainability guru Auden Schendler lays out the problem with corporate sustainability gurus in his recent Getting Green Done: Hard Truths from the Front Lines of the Sustainability Revolution. In doing so, he pretty much …

Get 'er done

Corporate sustainability guru visits Seattle

Corporate sustainability guru Auden Schendler lays out the problem with corporate sustainability gurus in his recent book "Getting Green Done."

Closing the door on building new coal-fired power plants in America

This post was originally published at —– Community opposition, legal challenges, and financial uncertainty over future carbon costs are prompting companies to rethink their plans for coal. Since the beginning of 2007, 95 proposed …

Furadan shame

U.S. corporation poisoning Africa’s lions

60 Minutes had an extraordinary piece by Bob Simon this weekend on how U.S. poison manufacturer FMC is exporting Furadan (banned in Europe and strictly controlled in the United States) to Kenya, where it’s being …


Pepsi makes good choices, or at least good PR hires

Dudes, what’s up with Pepsi? In the last few weeks the company has released at least three splashy sustainability stories touting its: testing of green vending machines in D.C. (30 out of 4-5 million, but …

Friedman: MSM's climate Cassandra

NYT’s Tom Friedman updates the global warming threat and spells out the solution

The NYT columnist Tom Friedman has another terrific global warming piece this past weekend, “Mother Nature’s Dow.” He is the only major national columnist or reporter consistently warning the public of what science now tells …

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