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Mac daddy

Apple continues to tout its ownership of the “greenest family of notebooks” in a new ad:

Reusing big boxes

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while: on Slate, Julia Christensen has a slideshow essay showing how some communities have repurposed abandoned big box retail spaces. My favorite is the one in …

GM asking students to help greenwash

How my intern stood up to Big Auto

Even as it begs for a big taxpayer bailout, GM is still spending billions on marketing, peddling its giant gas-guzzlers to Americans who want them less and less. It has even got the cash to …

Panels for Powell's!

Northwest bookstore goes solar, gets compared to candy

Photo: Thomas Hawk Hearing the news that Oregon darling Powell’s Books is getting a crapload of solar panels is akin to learning that Santa recycles or Mother Teresa loved to compost. Yep, Powell’s — especially …

Powell’s Books goes partly solar

Independent bookseller Powell’s Books, based in Portland, Ore., will go partly solar next month with a 100-kilowatt solar system affixed to its warehouse that will provide enough juice to power about one-quarter of its online …

Humane Society sues fur designers and purveyors

The Humane Society of the United States has sued a handful of fur retailers and designers for allegedly misrepresenting some real fur products as fake fur and for improperly labeling other fur products as coming …

Ceres founder Joan Bavaria passes away

The environmental community is mourning the death last week of Joan Bavaria, a pioneer of socially responsible investing and founder of Ceres. In 2007, she opined in Grist about the future of SRI.

Nokia is greenest electronics company, says Greenpeace

In its 10th Guide to Green Electronics, Greenpeace deems Nokia the greenest company, followed by Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Toshiba. But, says Greenpeace, neither those companies nor most of their techie brethren are supporting global …

Lithium on my mind

Carmakers hope to head off lithium shortages

According to this article from the BBC, production of hybrid and electric cars may be stifled by a shortage of lithium at some point in the next decade. Mitsubishi’s general manager in La Paz, Eichi …

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