Business & Technology

Business & Technology

Flying a solar plane across the Pacific is about as easy as it sounds

Inside the Solar Impulse 2, a 5,000-pound plane powered by nothing but sunshine.


In Germany, elderly bike messengers will deliver your local veggies

It's the Germans' answer to Amazon drones, and it's way, way better.


Oil trains have 3 more years to explode, thanks to weak Obama rule

New rules for oil trains aren't nearly strict enough to prevent disastrous explosions. The most dangerous cars can keep rolling until 2018.


California has a real water market — but it’s not exactly liquid

Farmers are buying and selling water up and down the Golden State, and that helps cut waste. If we streamlined and modernized the system, it could do even more.


Elon Musk unveils fancy new Tesla battery — ’cause existing batteries “suck”

The billionaire inventor and entrepreneur wants to bring solar power to the masses.


Say g’day to Australia’s awesome new solar plant

Australia combines two of our favorite things: Solar power and wastewater treatment facilities.

tailored genes

The latest in GMO panic: Human engineering

We have some good and some bad reasons for worrying about GMOs — especially when they’re us.


This activist is bringing Kentucky’s hot food scene to a tray near you

Sarah Fritschner is leading a farm-to-cafeteria movement in Kentucky.

Climate & Energy

Break-up of the century: U.S. emissions and economic growth are really, finally separating

As the U.S. embraces energy efficiency and renewables, economic growth is now rising much faster than greenhouse gas emissions.