Business & Technology

Sucks to be the coal industry right now

The year is off to a bad start for purveyors of the dirtiest fossil fuel on earth.

Climate change means we’ll all be buying less fancy crap

In a climate-changed world, middle-class people will have other things to spend their money on.

John Edwards tries to weasel his way in on the Volkswagen emission suit

The disgraced former VP candidate says his "unusual experiences" would make him a great plaintiffs' attorney.

Business & Technology

NASA is designing a new, improved airplane wing

With electric motors in place of fossil fuel-burning jet engines, this test wing could one day make planes more efficient and aerodynamic.


This rancher says the Bundys are idiots — but he too is worried about losing access to public land

A Montana rancher argues that cattle on public land are an indicator species.

New USDA dietary guidelines are a win for the meat industry and a loss for the environment

The USDA kept the environmental impact of food out of the picture.

California gas leak is so bad that governor declares emergency

The country's worst environmental disaster is getting worser.

Most profitable industry in history whines about Obama and overregulation

Never mind that the oil and gas industry has boomed during the Obama administration.


Tough times for Chipotle, but McDonald’s is doing just fine

Chipotle begrudgingly cedes the hearts of the American fast food-eating public to its ex-boyfriend, McDonald's.