Business & Technology

If Robin Hood turned to real estate ...

Here’s one idea for taxing the rich and making housing more affordable

A newly proposed "pied-à-terre tax" in New York City would apply to luxury homes owned by people who don’t actually live in the city.

Goggle Maps

Google Street View brings the world’s coral reefs to you

Even if you failed SCUBA certification, you can visit the world's coral reefs -- minus all the water and animals that might slime or sting or bite you.

Business & Technology

This lobbying shop is so dirty even oil companies want out

Occidental Petroleum is leaving ALEC because its positions on climate change are too extreme.

Climate & Energy

How solar can become the world’s largest source of electricity

Even the stodgy International Energy Agency is scrambling to keep up with the good news on solar panels.


Can farmers outsmart climate change?

As the world heats up, so do efforts to save our food system.


DIY soap meets big economic ideas at Degrowth 2014

A rad conference in Germany explores degrowth, a movement that's all about producing and consuming less for our well-being and the planet's. Prost!


8 things you should know about plastic in the ocean

Turns out, when it comes to plastic gunk in the ocean there are more questions than answers.

Business & Technology

Nissan just built a plug-in El Camino, and it hauls a lotta kale

Engineers have turned a Leaf into a redneck hippie’s dream car. We're calling it the El-ectric Camino.


You’ll fall in love with this heart-shaped solar power plant

All solar farms are lovely, but this one will downright steal your heart.

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