Business & Technology


Marijuana might be the “Ferrari” of THC production, but could yeast be the Tesla?

Not yet, but scientists have shown that genetically modified microbes can make THC in small amounts.


Subway gets shamed for fresh message, not-so-fresh practices

A new report scores fast food giants on their use of antibiotics in meat.


We’re looking for the next generation of green journalists

Are you an early career journalist, storyteller, or multimedia wiz who digs what we do? Then Grist wants you!


Is air pollution making my skin worse? And more pressing beauty questions

Should it be so hard to figure out if our beauty products are effective and safe -- for both our bodies and the environments we live in?


Egg prices have doubled in the last year. Here’s why

Avian flu killed a lot of hens, so now there are fewer eggs to go around.

Climate & Energy

Study asks: What would it take for a nuclear-powered world?

About 35 years, a big shift in public opinion, and some serious cash.


How to make ketchup — and more! — from your leftover summer tomatoes

Can the homemade kind "ketchup" to the store-bought?


Meet the new National Geographic and weep

With Rupert Murdoch and Fox at the helm, the venerable magazine could lose its cred.


Dealing with the rational fear about GMOs and global catastrophe

Nassim Taleb says that GMOs could doom the planet. He’s right. And the same could be said about all agriculture.