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One of the first free towns founded by former slaves is being taken over by Big Oil

The residents of Mossville, La., have spent years living near multiple industrial plants and have the chronic diseases to show for it.

Climate & Energy

The 7 things you need to know now about the Keystone XL pipeline

Is Keystone permanently dead? Will this decision affect the climate? These answers, and more.


Climate change will stress plants out. These scientists think they have a solution

It involves a fungal infection.

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No longer top secret: The TPP trade deal is just as evil as you think it is

No trade pact is going to solve the world's environmental problems. But we can ask that they don't make things worse.


Polluting industries took over this California city. Now, residents are taking it back

A small factory town on the edge of downtown Los Angeles is inventing a new way for overpolluted communities to clean themselves up.

Climate & Energy

Can polluters block Obama’s Clean Power Plan in court?

Lawsuits from industry and Republicans are pouring forth like soot from a smokestack, aiming to undermine landmark rules for power plants.

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Watch us explain the Internet of Things with a jellyfish

Even if you care more about, say, trees than Silicon Valley-born electronics, the Internet of Things is something you should know about.

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Obama says “no” to TransCanada’s latest Keystone gambit

The company asked for a delay in review of the pipeline proposal, hoping to push the decision off to the next president. Obama denied the request.

Climate & Energy

Proposed natural gas pipeline raises major social justice concerns

Member of Congress and black residents don't want the pipeline and the noise that comes with it.