Business & Technology

Business & Technology

Nestlé’s bright idea: a water bottling plant in the desert

As Lake Mead hits a record low, Nestlé eyes nearby Phoenix as a prime spot to bottle water.

Climate & Energy

Big Oil is all over the place on climate change

Major oil companies are anything but consistent on the biggest challenge of our time.

Climate & Energy

Meet the nun trying to reform Exxon Mobil

Can she get the behemoth to acknowledge its “moral imperative” on climate change?


No one wants driverless cars but people who make driverless cars

Tech heads are investing millions in driverless vehicle technology despite the fact that consumers don’t seem that interested in it.

Business & Technology

Trump will outline his “thoughts” on energy policy. Here’s what he could say.

Also: The EPA is ruining his hair. Sad!

A guest view

How to get solar panels onto more affordable apartment buildings

The key is battery storage.


This veggie burger is so juicy it literally bleeds

We have a new competitor in the race to veggie burger perfection.


Here’s one way GMOs aren’t beating evolution

Evolution has a million year head start on genetic engineers.


Coal exec admits Donald Trump doesn’t understand the first thing about coal

Says Bob Murray of Murray Energy: "I don't think it will be a thriving industry ever again."