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Lots of crazy claims about soda taxes. Which panned out?

Now that the experiment with taxing sugary drinks is underway, we look at which arguments by backers and opponents have come true -- and which were hot air.

how 'bout them (old) apples?

RIP, obsolete gadget you once thought would change your life

Instead of fawning over new Apple gadgets, take a tour through this house full of old ones.


Farms are growing more vegetables, but Americans still want to skip straight to dessert

U.S. farms see boom in the green stuff, but they're selling more of it abroad, as domestic consumption of veggies and beans fails to keep pace.


Watch us (poorly) ride the Transportation of the Future

We just had to try out the Solowheel.


Think we can end California’s drought by eating differently? Think again

Real solutions to California's water woes will depend on politics and market regulation, not facile assaults on thirsty crops and struggling farmers.


Is Amazon’s new Seattle HQ the ultimate tech utopia?

Unlike many of its dot-com peers, Amazon has staked its claim in the city, rather than the suburbs. Now all it needs is more housing. And some nightlife. And...

Business & Technology

Bunge rejects deforestation promise, NC ag-gag law passes

Two downer updates: North Carolina won't protect whistleblowers on its farms, and an agribusiness giant's shareholders turn down protecting forests.


Ever heard of a self-healing building? Just wait

This nifty "bio-concrete" might help buildings stand a little longer.

Circuit Du Soleil

Could one of these robots save you in a climate disaster?

In a DARPA-sponsored contest, experts from industry and academia debut robots that could save our butts from climate disaster.