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Amazon’s “advanced shopping technology” will end the greatest threat to humanity: long checkout lines.

We can use the saved time to tackle other pressing issues: hat hair on picture day, no wifi in the bathroom, and mega corporations increasingly controlling all aspects of daily life.


The Dakota Access Pipeline will have to find another route.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will not grant a permit for the pipeline.

Dakota Access

The backstory on Standing Rock, the federal government, and tribal sovereignty

A primer on the body of law that has everything to do with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Shine on

5 lessons activists can learn from Florida’s successful ballot fight to defend solar

Floridians voted Republican on Nov. 8, and at the same time they rejected an anti-solar ballot amendment.

good luck with that

OPEC agrees to cut 1.2 million barrels a day, pleasing U.S. oil companies.

But the cartel has a hard time sticking to its agreements.

for frack's sake

The EPA downplayed its findings in its study of fracking’s impact on drinking water.

Early drafts of the report highlighted water contamination, but the final version was more fracking-friendly.


Obama just missed a big chance to boost wind power

The federal government doesn’t favor renewable projects over fossil fuels on public land. It should.


How economics are driving the Dakota Access Pipeline

The powers behind the project will benefit, but almost no one else will.

Who's the hoser, now?

Even Canada’s Texas is ahead of most of the U.S. on climate policy.

Canada's fossil fuel-rich province is trying to get off coal.