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Watch this Kansas farm beat the market with the honor system (and a llama)

JaKo Farm avoids the farmers market by selling their products through an on-farm store -- and it's paying off.

big clucking deal

Tyson says: No more antibiotics for our chickens

The largest American chicken producer says it will stop using human antibiotics by 2017. Today the U.S., tomorrow the world?


Can zippy startup ideas and code speed local food to urban plates?

San Francisco's Good Eggs is taking another run at the dream of using apps and the internet to change the way we buy food for the better.


How the Bay Area’s last slaughterhouse dodged the axe

You want local meat? You're gonna need a local slaughterhouse. It took a tanking economy and a massive beef recall to save the last such outfit in the Bay Area.

Mary-Kate and Ash-ley

Congratulations, Yellowstone! You’re having giant magma twins

A pocket of magma larger than the one we already knew about has appeared unannounced, like a surprise birthday dessert at Chili's.

Business & Technology

Who should profit from solar energy?

More and more utilities are competing for solar power dollars -- but what will that mean for smaller companies and consumers?

Business & Technology

Of course YouTube started with a silly video about elephants

Ten years ago, the internet was forever changed. It's been pretty much all downhill since.


Are marijuana regulations weeding out family farmers?

As marijuana becomes a legitimate business, safety regulations and bureaucracy could make life tough for small "craft" growers.


This is exactly why we need more women in tech

Who run the world? Girls ... who make reproductive healthcare video games.