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Could one of these robots save you in a climate disaster?

In a DARPA-sponsored contest, experts from industry and academia debut robots that could save our butts from climate disaster.

Climate & Energy

Even Shell’s former chair says some fossil fuel divestment would make sense

Mark Moody-Stuart also says the world just isn't moving fast enough in the fight against climate change.

Climate & Energy

5 charts that explain why Obama wants to clamp down on airplane emissions

Air travel is the largest unregulated source of carbon pollution in the U.S. -- but not for long.

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Seattle’s smart plan to remake its streets

The key: Making room for bikes, buses, and other mass transit, and no new concessions for cars.

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Is spider silk the fabric of the future?

Bolt Threads wants to make spider silk clothing using genetically engineered yeast.

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Ikea is putting more than a billion bucks into the climate fight

More than half of the money will go toward wind and solar power, and the rest will help poor countries adapt to climate change.

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Would you like BPA with your chicken noodle soup?

The controversial material is still found in a lot of canned foods. So which brands are safe?

Shale 2.0

The fracking industry just got more tech savvy

Fracking companies are getting less "Wild West" and more West Coast Silicon Valley, thanks to new tech tools.

Climate & Energy

This Democratic coal baron wants to be the next governor of West Virginia

Jim Justice, owner of the largest privately held coal company east of the Mississippi, certainly won't be joining the so-called "war on coal."