Business & Technology


Meet the new National Geographic and weep

With Rupert Murdoch and Fox at the helm, the venerable magazine could lose its cred.


Dealing with the rational fear about GMOs and global catastrophe

Nassim Taleb says that GMOs could doom the planet. He’s right. And the same could be said about all agriculture.

Climate & Energy

The University of California sells off $200 million in coal and oil investments

But it's still a small fraction of the university's overall investments in dirty energy.

Climate & Energy

California Democrats cave to oil industry, drop major piece of climate bill

Historic legislation to slash gasoline use was gutted.


Should I feel good about choosing clothes made from wood?

Cloth fiber from trees! Sounds like a good deal for the planet -- and it can be, says Umbra. But there's a few "gotchas" to consider.

Climate & Energy

Map shows the average hottest day of the year across the United States

Have you experienced the hottest day of the year yet?

Business & Technology

Why you should fix your iPhone instead of buying a new one

Planned obsolescence is out of control.


Are scientists who collaborate with industry tainted?

A peek into the emails of scientists entangled in the debate over food, farms, and GMOs raises the question: How do we prevent business from skewing evidence?

Business & Technology

The Norwegians just made a huge move in palm oil divestment

A big pension fund just divested from a massive conglomerate because a sub-subsidiary was cutting down rainforests.