Business & Technology

Chemise All That

I subscribe to clothing share. Is that an eco-friendly move — or just wasteful?

A reader wonders if clothing subscriptions are a smart way to shop or just another symptom of overconsumption, and Umbra registers her opinion.


Mark Bittman’s plan to make you fall in love with vegan food

The author and former New York Times columnist talks about the new vegan meal-kit startup he has recently joined.

K-Cups, old white men, and more: Last-minute, terrifying costume ideas

We've invented easy ways for you to dress up as some of the scariest villains on the planet.

Climate & Energy

East Coast and Gulf Coast power grids are still not ready for a big hurricane

It's been three years since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. Our power grids are still awful.

Lather, Rinse, Recoil

Does eco-friendly shampoo have a short shelf life?

Should we toss natural beauty products more often than conventional brands? Umbra applies herself to a fresh question.

Business & Technology

Elon Musk’s solar company used panels made by cheap prison labor for a big taxpayer-subsidized project

SolarCity installed arrays of panels made by inmates who earned just 93 cents an hour.

Climate & Energy

Fossil fuel companies aren’t just bad for the climate — they’re bad investments

A new report from Carbon Tracker finds that dirty energy industries are ignoring risks of declining demand, and they’ll suffer for it.

Climate & Energy

Trans-Pacific Partnership could undermine climate regulations, top economist warns

Nobel economics laureate Joseph Stiglitz argues that the TPP could open up governments to corporate lawsuits over climate rules.

Business & Technology

Labor conditions are awful at chicken plants, according to big report

An Oxfam America investigation looks into workplace conditions at big poultry processing plants -- and the results aren't pretty.