Business & Technology

The Obama administration just sued Volkswagen over its emissions cheating

The suit follows up on the EPA's allegations that VW installed illegal software to cheat on emissions tests.

The biggest U.S. climate and energy stories of 2015

Here are five of the biggest climate milestones of the year.

Business & Technology

Other countries have good hitchhiking apps. Why doesn’t the United States?

Ride-sharing is catching on around the world, but still lagging in the U.S.


The food writing that set my brain on fire this year

From tanking startups to banning tips, from seafood-prepping slaves to climate-protecting seaweed, these works of food journalism brightened the year.

Climate & Energy

Here’s why repealing the crude oil export ban wasn’t such a bad deal

The repeal was a gift to the oil industry, but at least Democrats got some good stuff in return.

Fancy New York hotels commit to going green

The Waldorf Astoria is among the hotels committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 30 percent.

Climate & Energy

Here’s the good news about Earth from this year

These are the top stories from 2015 that actually give us hope for the future.

Is Amazon entering yet another market?

The mega-retailer could be getting into the cargo market to compete with UPS and FedEx.

Climate & Energy

BP oil spill money to go to Alabama governor’s mansion and a new hotel

The mansion was destroyed decades before the BP oil spill.