Business & Technology

Bright lights, big milestones

Half a million solar panels were installed every day in 2015.

And in China, two wind turbines were installed every hour.

power struggle

Solar up, coal down: U.S. shakes up energy supply

By 2017, solar power capacity will nearly triple from 2014 levels.

beam me up

Watch Trump supporters talk about their love for solar panels.

A solar company preaches to the choir about the good news of solar energy.

collision course

The world needs better sidewalks and bike paths, like now.

The UNEP calls for countries to use at least 20 percent of their transit budgets for bike lanes and safe sidewalks to encourage walking and biking over driving.

Automatic for the people

I went and made all new Teslas autonomous, says Elon Musk. You’re welcome.

All new cars rolling off the Tesla factory line come with full self-driving hardware. Just don't expect the car to drive you anywhere yet.

Good buy, world

Here’s why it’s so important to buy recycled products

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk cycles through the reasons.

trash talk

Garbage is a dirty business. L.A. is trying to clean it up.

Los Angeles tries to make the garbage industry better for workers and better for the environment.

take me to your litter

Rising seas could zap billion-dollar space equipment.

The military is building a debris-detecting radar on a island that sits just a few feet above the ocean.

Shit storm

Why the heck are there pig farms in the path of hurricanes?

Hurricane Matthew is the third hurricane in two decades to wash animal feces all over North Carolina.