Business & Technology

Business & Technology

This solar water purifier is a simple and powerful tool for fighting climate change

Heating and cleaning water with the sun should be a no-brainer.


This Chipotle conspiracy theory is the craziest thing we’ve read all day

Welcome to the internet, where you can say anything.


A lack of battery recycling could be hurting this important bacterium

We better be smarter about disposal if we’re going to use more lithium ion batteries.

Business & Technology

Watch out, corporations: Space detectives are watching you ruin the planet

Satellite images are catching illegal activity wherever it occurs, from pollution to deforestation to illegal fishing.

Climate & Energy

Fracking waste more likely to be located in poor communities and neighborhoods of color

A new study finds a disturbing trend in South Texas’ Eagle Ford.


Will climate change move agriculture indoors? And will that be a good thing?

The story of a hot indoor-ag startup offers a window onto the potential and the pitfalls of the new greenhouse-tech movement.

Business & Technology

Amazon might be opening hundreds of bookstores

An Amazon bookstore could soon be coming to a mall near you.


Shaming homeless people? There’s an app for that — or is there?

SnapCamp is either a horrible idea or a smart commentary on the tech industry.


Hellmann’s, defender of all things mayonnaise, jumps into the vegan market

Sayonara, Just Mayo, there’s a new vegan spread in town. Meet Hellmann's Carefully Crafted Dressing & Sandwich Spread.