Bipedal? Curious? Americans give walking and biking a try

More Americans are opting to walk or bike, rather than driving a car. Apparently, that message hasn’t gotten through to Congress.


The ecology of addiction: Tracking drug dependence in the urban landscape

In a groundbreaking study, drug researchers are literally mapping the ecosystem of addiction. Their findings, along with smart treatment and policy, could help treat one of urban America’s most persistent and politically fraught problems.


Why the 21st century will see migration back to the Rust Belt

Now that climate change means the Sun Belt is becoming the Drought Belt, you might want to head north.


The McMansion trend has peaked

Americans' ideal home size declined to 2,100 square feet from a peak of 2,300, according to real estate research firm Trulia.


Phoenix rising: Can ‘the world’s least sustainable city’ go green?

In search of a parable of urban sustainability, NYU professor Andrew Ross did something unusual. Rather than seeking out Ecotopia, he headed for Phoenix, Ariz., an ecological disaster waiting to happen. What he found there …


Non-starter: Republican transportation bill is dead on arrival

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives, seemingly intent on driving the country into a ditch, have thrown together a “uniquely terrible” transportation bill. A growing chorus of critics says the legislation is far from …

Climate Change

A new way of measuring carbon emissions that doesn’t let rich people cheat

There's no comprehensive, standardized way for cities to track their carbon pollution, but a new study puts forward a useful model. And it counts not just the CO2 we produce, but the CO2 we consume.

Green Home

House fit for a green: Sustainable home construction booms

With the value of the residential green building market expected to grow fivefold by 2016, builders say going green is great for their business.


Glamour trip: Real snobs don’t ride the subway

When conjuring the image of liberal high society, Newt Gingrich often points to the subway. His compadres in Congress want to obliterate designated funding for mass transit. Here’s the real reason they hate trains.