Phenomenal cosmic skyscrapers — itty bitty environmental savings

Urbanists such as Ed Glaeser argue that tall buildings will save our cities. But they won't save the earth.

Urban chicken consultant will help you realize your homesteading dreams

We know you think backyard chickens are hot, because we've been rifling through your trash and we found those back issues of Grit. Now there's a shortcut to realizing your dream of owning little tiny feathered dinosaurs that lay unfertilized breakfast bombs for you: Hire a chicken consultant.

Metal-wheeled bike! Sure, why not?

  It's Friday, so here's a pointlessly pretty bike. It has metal wheels, because apparently you can make working bike wheels out of nothing but …

Climate Change

Why I’m walking to Walden for Moving Planet

Thoreau wasn’t an environmentalist. That’s why he matters more than ever. Carry on his legacy of civic engagement and activism on Moving Planet day.

Urban Agriculture

The bee's knees: DIY honey craze sweeps New York

Now that hives are finally legal in New York City, old-school "keeps" are joining brand new enthusiasts to create a honey renaissance.

Meet NYC's most-used turnstile

Public transportation aficionados have a new pilgrimage destination: A turnstile at the bottom of the escalators at the Columbus Circle stop of the New York subway. That's the most-used turnstile of the most-used transportation system in the country.

Move to New York, save the planet

New York City's transportation commissioner wants you to come clog up her roads and subways. "If you want to save the planet, move to New York," Janette Sadik-Khan said at a Clinton Global Initiative panel discussion on Tuesday. Thanks to dense, car-light living, she said, New Yorkers have a third of the carbon footprint of the average American.

It's Car Free Day! Let's celebrate with a traffic jam, like China did

Today is Car Free Day in the U.S., a holiday that will probably be celebrated by fewer people than Talk Like a Pirate Day. But we might still end up more observant than China, which had No Car Day yesterday -- and celebrated with a giant traffic jam.


Better bus lines follow worker bees

If cities want to get people to ride public transit, they need to ditch downtown routes and take them where the jobs are.