‘The Great Inversion’: Cities are the new suburbs, suburbs the new cities

Young and wealthy people are moving back to city centers, while immigrants and poor people increasingly flock to the ’burbs. Um, is this a good thing?

Weird astronomical event in New York City tonight

If you’re in New York City at 8:19 p.m. today, get your ass to a major cross street (the best ones are  14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th) and you can see the street grid take on astronomical significance. Tonight is …

Giant road lobsters attacking cyclists

We’re gonna need a bigger bike.

In Baltimore, the gods will not save you — but the trees will

A new study finds that in the city that birthed The Wire, trees provide shelter from crime.

You can identify poor neighborhoods from space

Tim De Chant at Per Square Mile has noted that rich urban areas have way, way more trees than poor areas in the same city. In fact, the difference is so stark that income inequality can be seen from space. …

Cape Cod woman finds bike she lost 40 years ago

Forty years ago, in 1970, little Lisa Brown was riding her totally rad banana-seat bike through the woods of Cape Cod. She approached the Herring River, but the only way to cross it was a rickety plank board bridge. When …

Congress raises a middle finger to young bicyclists

The federal Safe Routes to School program is making it less dangerous for kids to bike and walk in their communities. So why is Congress trying to slash its funding?

High school seniors suspended for biking to school

Sixty-four high school seniors biked to school in Walker, Mich. Nice, right? Well, the principal didn’t think so. She suspended the kids for the day and threatened to keep them from walking in their graduation ceremony.

Here is a dog riding a bike (all by himself!)

And here is my face right now: 8O