Is Los Angeles Metro throwing bus riders under the bus?

What does the elimination of a bus line serving mostly Latino domestic workers say about the Los Angeles transit system?


A closer look at Siemens' green cities rankings

Attempts to measure, score, or rank things for greenness aren't perfect or foolproof, but they do get us talking about what's important.

The world’s first ass-powered outdoor concert

Here's an idea for a better way to harness the power of stationary bike workout: use the resultant energy to fuel the electricity-sucking equipment for a banging outdoor concert. Pedal Power NYC recruited 250 volunteers to pedal 16 bikes, which, hooked up to generators, provided the electricity for June's NYC Celebrates Water Festival.


Bicycling our way into work and out of the Great Recession

Bicycling creates a little wealth. But more importantly, it creates a lot of well-being. That's what the bicycle economy is all about.

Top 10 greenest cities in North America

It seems like we get a new list of greenest, most climate-change-prepared, most bike-friendly etc. cities every week or so. But we never really get tired of looking at these rankings, and checking them against each other to decide where we should fantasize about moving. Today, it's a list of the top greenest cities in North America from Siemens and the Economist Intelligence Unit. This ranking takes into account carbon emissions, land use, transportation, energy usage, buildings, water and air quality, waste, and environmental governance. Drumroll please for the top 10:

Gigantic, gorgeous visualization of humanity's transport footprint on planet Earth

It's the Atlantic, as you've never seen it before: Cities are red, shipping routes blue, roads green and air networks in white. Click on the image to see the full map of the entire planet.


Why Poughkeepsie is a great place to wait for the end of the world

Towns like Poughkeepsie, New York may appear charmless, but they could be ideal places to live in a post-peak oil world.


Why Broke-Ass is a patriot

Broke-Ass goes off on bicycle lanes, Northern Europe, and the smugness of the eco-movement in general, before telling a few stories about what makes this country great.


Are energy subsidies really in danger?

Has energy-subsidy reform become more likely in recent days and weeks? That would be nice, but don't hold your breath.