Election 2012

Jay Inslee, candidate for WA governor, chats with Grist about clean energy and coal ports

  Last Friday, I visited Washington state’s first certified solar PV manufacturing plant with Rep. Jay Inslee (D), who in June declared that he’s running …


Stop the ‘man swarm,’ save the wild world

Let’s leave some room for everybody else. Photo: Robin PittmanMore of our kind means fewer wild things. A stabilized human population means hope for wild …

Critical List: Climate change officially caused an extreme weather event; climate denier smackdown

Climate change caused the Russian heat wave, according to statistics and science (if you believe that sort of thing). Nebraska could reroute the Keystone XL …


True confessions of a bicycle scofflaw

Photo: mad driversOkay, confession time: I’m one of “those” cyclists. You know, the ones who are giving us all a bad name, the ones who …

Universities try to out-green each other in bid for NYC science campus

New York City is fielding proposals from universities to build a new science and technology campus on Roosevelt Island, and the competition is showing how …


Underwater homes: A visual guide to NYC's future floods

A New York City artist brings climate change home by mapping the coming floods and drawing them on the actual cityscape.

Quantum levitation: Probably not the secret to hover-trains, but still amazing

A few places around the internet are calling this phenomenon — quantum levitation — the first step to magical hover-trains. This is probably not true, …

Heat from cities barely affects global warming

One of the many arguments that deniers rely on to pooh-pooh climate change is the prevalence of the “urban heat island” effect, i.e. the tendency for cities to absorb and retain heat. The problem’s not gas-belching cars and factories, it’s all those city-dwelling lefties! But according to a new study from Stanford University, there's just no possible way that cities are causing global warming, at least not on the same scale that greenhouse-gas emissions are. At most 4 percent of "gross global warming since the Industrial Revolution" can be traced back to urban heat island, the study found. Greenhouse gases are responsible for 79 percent. So, if you live in a city, don't sweat it! If you've commuted for 1.5 hours in a car for the past two decades, maybe sweat it. The study also contained some bad news about white roofs.

Tell us how to Occupy Grist

Occupy Wall Street could be the first step towards a saner, smarter future -- and Grist is there with you to help make sense of it.