The Leaden State

The lead poisoning of Flint’s children pales in comparison to rates found in parts of California.

In one section of Fresno, the rate of childhood lead poisoning is nearly three times higher than in the Michigan city.

Good nature

To reduce obesity and depression, we need more nature in our lives.

People who live near green spaces are generally happier and report better physical and mental health.

New coal plants dropped by two-thirds last year

The world overestimated the need for the doomed fossil fuel.

Meet the fixer: This Brooklynite retrofits cities.

Old buildings are energy-wasting health hazards. Donnel Baird makes inner cities more efficient.

Superfund Man

The EPA is still cleaning up brownfields. So that’s something.

The Superfund program appears to be safe from Trump's cuts.

Pipe Cleaner

Remember that money Congress approved to rebuild Flint’s water system? Some of it is finally on the way.

The EPA awarded Flint a $100 million grant to repair decrepit infrastructure that led to high levels of led in the city's drinking water.

This lead-poisoned Indiana city could be the next Flint

And Trump's EPA is unlikely to act.

Now there are air-pollution deniers, too

It's the new climate denial.

Mea Gulpa

This former official dodged jail time in the Flint water crisis, just has to write an apology letter.

A Michigan judge ordered the former director of epidemiology at the state’s health department to publicly apologize to residents.