Good idea

One city is making a good start at tackling its homelessness problems — thanks to a lawsuit.

Pomona, California, will stop criminalizing homelessness for now.

Bad air day

Should you avoid walking if the air is polluted?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk clears the haze on this tricky question.

water park

As the Potomac River rises, cherry trees planted along the sloped bank will drown, row by row.

Climate Chronograph is a stark reimagining of the modern memorial.

Sharing Ain't Always Caring

Airbnb is trying to address its racism problem.

In an email to users, co-founder Brian Chesky outlined the steps Airbnb plans to take to address discrimination.

carries water

Climate change made Louisiana’s devastating floods more likely

A new study finds that similar downpours can now be expected every 30 years.

Flushing Meadows

Can toilets revive New York City’s oyster population?

New York City wants to restore its oyster population, one recycled toilet bowl at a time.

oh frack

Fracking operations might’ve caused one of Oklahoma’s biggest earthquakes yet.

Oklahoma ties for its biggest earthquake yet.

Climate matters

Black Lives Matter U.K. shut down London City Airport for six hours, protesting climate injustice.

The protestors also oppose a massive airport expansion.

Men again

Meet America’s ugliest hobby: Coal rolling.

States are finally starting to crack down on the world's worst idea.