Climate & Energy

India floats ambitious goal: 100 percent electric cars

The government thinks it doesn't have to spend a dime on it.


Scientists may have found a way to predict heat waves — 50 days in advance

A new study may have found a way to predict extreme heat in the eastern U.S.


If you live in a city, this PBS quiz tells you you’re an elitist. Don’t believe it.

Why is PBS is pushing racist, anti-urban propaganda from controversial conservative Charles Murray?


Excuse me — do you know where my Appalachia is?

Relatively few people seem to understand what, where, or why the region is -- or even how to pronounce it. Surprise: It's all pretty complicated.


What makes a city great? New data backs up long-held beliefs

Here's more proof that Jane Jacobs was right.

Business & Technology

The U.S. is just pathetic on high-speed rail

In a new ranking of nations' high-speed train networks, the U.S. comes in below even Turkey and Uzbekistan.


Just because some millennials are moving to the ‘burbs doesn’t mean they like it

Young urbanites often leave cities after they have kids, but many would prefer to stay if cities offered what they need.


Seattle’s bike share struggles like an Amazon bro trying to online date

The little bike share that can't. At least not yet.


Could you be Grist’s newest fellow?

Early-career journalists, listen up: It's now time to apply for the Grist fellowship.