Climate & Energy

The oldest city in the U.S. could be totally screwed by rising seas

Florida state officials who deny climate change are leaving coastal cities to drown.


New York’s beloved hot dogs are becoming a lot greener

But not in the way you might expect.


White House to Shell: Arctic drilling? Go right ahead

The Obama administration just gave a stamp of approval to Shell's Alaska drilling plan. *facepalm*


Let’s get over the whole “toilet to tap” thing, shall we?

Drinking recycled sewage water could become the new norm in Cali because it just makes sense.

We graded the feds on their environmental justice programs — here’s how they fared

Each year, government agencies report on what they've done to protect overburdened communities from environmental harms. Some do better than others.


Cops still have no clue how to deal with sexual harassment on public transit

World: Women don't need another reason to feel like their safety in public spaces doesn't matter.


Mountain View to Google: Take your techno-utopian factory town and shove it

Local government scuttles the search giant's big plans to reinvent suburban office-park design with new-model integrated housing.


Here’s the soundtrack to your city

If you, too, have always tried to learn a city to a soundtrack, this map is for you.

what the shell??

Shell’s oil rig is already falling apart — and it hasn’t even left for the Arctic

The Noble Discoverer failed a Coast Guard inspection in Honolulu. So why is it still heading to Seattle?