The young and the carless: Ask Umbra on how to get rid of your car

Want to ditch driving for better ways of getting around? Ask Umbra has good ideas for getting rid of that hunk of metal that’s been weighing you down.

How to tell if your city is going places

Here's a handy infographic, from the Project for Public Spaces, to help you distinguish cities that are going places from cities that are going nowhere. What's your retail shopping like? Transportation? Public spaces? (Or publc spaces; even handy infographics sometimes …

Help MIT evaluate people's attitudes about cities

MIT's Media Lab has developed a website called Place Pulse that evaluates your perception of cities and neighborhoods. You choose which of two images from Google Street View looks more unique, or more upper-class, or safer, and Place Pulse collates …

Critical List: Bachmann goes after Pawlenty on cap-and-trade; a bubble shield for wind turbines

At last night's Republican debate, Michelle Bachmann tried to stake Tim Pawlenty on his support for cap-and-trade. The EPA wised up and banned DuPont from selling Imprelis, the herbicide that was killing trees. San Francisco could require businesses to let …

Let's make urban revitalization greener, greater, and more inclusive

Improving the environment, economy, and social equity in distressed neighborhoods is possible if the right players are involved.

Singapore aims to become a city in a garden

Singapore wants to go from being "a garden city" to "a city in a garden." That could mean benefits for residents' health, children's development, and water and air quality.

Wall Street Journal uses infrastructure as excuse to tell Tea Party to shove it

If you thought the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal couldn't possibly become any more backward or retrograde, the good news is, you're right! Today, the editors of the only newspaper opinion section to occasionally defeat Fox News in terms of sheer …

When 'starchitects' build art you can't escape

Work-of-art buildings by Frank Gehry or I.M. Pei often take prominent roles in cities across the globe -- but they fail at creating a sense of place

Alex Steffen on carbon-free cities [VIDEO]

I hope that everyone will watch this short, excellent presentation on the promise of sustainable cities from Alex Steffen, proprietor of the late, lamented Worldchanging and all-around smart dude.