Mother convicted in son’s street-crossing death speaks out on Today show [VIDEO]

Raquel Nelson, who faces three years in prison after her son was killed by a hit-and-run driver when they crossed the street, gives an interview to Ann Curry on the Today show.

How smart growth in cities saves wilderness [VIDEO]

The relationship between smart urban development and rural conservation is a mutually beneficial one.

Amazing bamboo bike is grown, not manufactured

The complicated weave of the Ajiro bike would be work-intensive to achieve through conventional means -- it takes a lot of energy to bend bamboo stalks into shape. So instead, design student Alexander Vittouris tensioned the bamboo over a mold …

Urban acupuncture for a healthier city

Small-scale green spaces -- not huge, expensive projects -- are a good way to heal our cities.

Why doesn't the U.S. government allow teleworking when it's hot?

Feds are allowed to stay home when it snows, but not when it's so hot that the pavement is literally melting. Wha?

Which cities pay the most for gas?

Which cities eat up the most gas? has the lowdown on how often their users buy gas every month, and how much they spend (click for a larger infographic).

Jane Jacobs on neighborhoods, placemaking, and active living [VIDEO]

The celebrated urban planner's ideas are still highly relevant to today's thinking about communities and sustainability.

Pedestrians and transit riders come last [VIDEO]

More people living in the suburbs are poor and without cars. But autocentric street design means you risk your life getting around any other way.

In Baltimore, Zipcar users take fewer car trips

Baltimore is an old, industrial city with old, car-focused transportation infrastructure. But add a little Zipcar in, and Baltimore residents suddenly get a lot more gung ho about walking, biking, and taking the bus.