No vacancy: Empty lots are full of promise

Vacant lots are the scourge of cities around the world, but they offer acres of unfulfilled potential for urban renewal.

How cities can get carbon down to zero

Seattle looks at an ambitious scenario involving changes in travel modes, more energy-efficient buildings, and shifts to alternative energy sources.

Seeing cities as the environmental solution, not the problem

The best way to save wilderness is through strong, compact, beautiful communities that are more urban and do not encroach on places of natural value.

Trade your house for a pet dinosaur

T-rex courtesy of Ryan North Here's what the new post-crash barter economy looks like: People are trading housing for dinosaur services. From Vancouver Craigslist: Do you own more than one property? Do you have so many rental homes with no mortgage …

Heat cycles: how D.C. cyclists rode out the hottest July on record [VIDEO]

Cyclists in Washington, D.C. talk about how to keep a heat wave from breaking your bike-commuting habit.

Coolest bike commute ever

I can't see this type of ad flying in the U.S., where there's already some perception of bicyclists as scofflaws. But in the Netherlands, bike commuting is so commonplace that the Dutch Cycling Association can shake up its image with …

New survey shows Americans think they are great drivers. But …

The majority of Americans consider themselves to be good drivers, according to a new Allstate survey. The rest of the survey reveals a different story

PhillyTreeMap: Crowdsourcing the urban forest

PhillyTreeMap, an open-source mapping system, helps Philadelphia keep track of an urban treasure -- its trees.

A pop-up urban experiment: The BMW Guggenheim Lab

On Houston Street in New York, the BMW Guggenheim Lab hopes to incubate ideas and solutions for the modern urban world. What will come of it?