A pop-up urban experiment: The BMW Guggenheim Lab

On Houston Street in New York, the BMW Guggenheim Lab hopes to incubate ideas and solutions for the modern urban world. What will come of it?

Want to save energy? Stop wasting water

Turns out one of the single biggest sources of energy use in your home doesn't even show up in the electricity section of your utility bill. 

Critical List: Canada’s pushing tar-sands oil; cutting methane also helps cut climate change

In 110 meetings over less than two years, the Canadian government tried to convince Europe to delay or derail legislative changes that could affect the imports of tar sands oil. Basically, Canada doesn’t want Europe to know how carbon-heavy the …

Mississippi cyclist hit twice by driver: Where is the accountability?

The case of Jan Morgan shows how far we have to go when it comes to protecting vulnerable road users.

Nissan wants you to power your house with your electric car

What if you could buy power at night, when it's cheap, and run your house off it by day, when it's expensive (and, in Japan at least, in short supply)? Nissan wants to give customers who buy its Nissan Leaf …

Swedish mining company could move an entire town to get at valuable iron ore

The town of Kiruna, Sweden, is very cold, very close to that awesome ice hotel, and very much on top of a valuable lode of iron ore. The Swedish state-owned mining company, LKAB, wants to get at the ore by …

How to get into urban beekeeping

This video on rooftop beekeeping in Brooklyn features Tim O'Neal, who blogs at Borough Bees and sometimes teaches Beekeeping 101. If you've been curious about putting together an urban apiary, this will give you an overview of what it's like …

World's largest artificial floating island anticipates, causes climate change

Sure, it's got solar panels on the roof, but let's face it -- the world's largest floating island, which hosts an entertainment complex catering to the first world denizens of Seoul, South Korea, isn't exactly carbon neutral. That doesn't mean …

Mayor of Vilnius takes out Mercedes parked in bike lane — with a tank [VIDEO]

Artūras Zuokas, the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, makes his point crushingly clear: Bike lanes are for bikes, not luxury vehicles.