Play chutes and ladders on public transportation

The designers of this "Transit Accelerator" in the Dutch city of Utrecht have the right idea about making public transportation fun: turn it into a board game, or recess. What other inspiration can public transit take from childhood? Personally I'd …


Building better cities so people can have better lives

Some very smart people got together for a Ford Foundation forum on "The Just City." What did they say?


Mom who lost son in hit-and-run could face more jail time than driver

Raquel Nelson of Marietta and her three children were hit by a tipsy two-time hit-and-runner, Jerry L. Guy, in April 2010. Nelson's 4-year-old later died of his injuries. But prosecutors dropped a homicide charge against Guy, and he was sentenced …


For the first time ever, renters can get solar incentives, too

There's a reason California is the largest solar market in the country -- I mean, aside from its abundance of sun. Namely, its regulators keep coming up with new ways to allow people to DIY-up their own distributed energy systems. …

Business & Technology

Panasonic capitalizes on earthquake by replacing factories with ‘smart towns’

Panasonic, the largest appliance maker in Japan, has announced plans to shutter 20 percent of its 230 factories in order to cut costs. But rather than lose that land, the company is capitalizing on Japan’s post-earthquake need for housing. It’s …


Critical List: Carmageddon is a waste of money; Napa winegrowers aren't afraid of climate change

Carmageddon: L.A.'s shutting down a major highway to add a carpool lane, which is probably a waste of $1 billion in transit funding. Say it ain't so, Sandra Lee! The Food Network star spoke to a petroleum industry group and …

Green Living Tips

Six surprising U.S. cities for a car-free vacation

Where should you take your next car-free getaway? These six cities may not boast mass transit systems like New York's, but they do have what it takes to make discovering their best features an easy, fun, and affordable experience without …


JetBlue offers $4 L.A.-to-L.A. flights for Carmageddon

Los Angeles is quaking in fear of "Carmageddon" this weekend, when 10 miles of heavily-populated Route 405 will be shut down. But never fear, Angelenos ... you won't have to spend even a single weekend not pumping out tons of …


Critical List: Republicans vote to give states power over clean water; deer ticks in the Great Lakes

House Republicans voted yesterday to let states decide whether a company is living up to the Clean Water Act or not. The EPA's decision to prevent West Virginia coal companies from dumping waste into rivers prompted the bill to begin …