Bank of America is now paying to tear down foreclosed homes

Bank of America is paying for the demolition of some foreclosures in Cleveland, Chicago, and Detroit. Could this help these cities to find new life?

Here come Japan's post-nuclear model solar communities

If you thought Abu Dhabi's uber-green Masdar city was ambitious and/or doomed, just wait until you see what Japan's cooking up. In a pair of nearby cities in Hiroshima prefecture, Fukuyama and Onomichi, a coalition is going to power as …

Owning a car is like having a second mortgage

Auckland Transport Blog points out a sobering calculation from the book The Option of Urbanism: The financial cost of owning and maintaining a car is equivalent to the cost of owning a small house. (Well, a small house in a …

New site shows how far public transportation will take you

Mapnificent lets you see how far you can get on public transportation in a set amont of time, in more than 60 metro areas worldwide. (Above: 15 minutes on bus and rail in Chicago.) It's a new way of visualizing …

Better than air conditioning: Tips for biking through the heat wave

Heat wave biking isn't for everyone. But if you put some thought into how you dress, take it slow, and always have water on hand, you'll love it.

Good lord, American homes are huge

This infographic from the BBC shows how much newly built North American, and especially U.S., homes dwarf those currently being built in Europe. The average new U.S. home is more than twice as big as the average new home in …

Hung out to dry: Why clothesline bans are wrongheaded

Some homeowners associations ban solar drying, threatening offenders with fines and even forced expulsion for saving energy costs by hanging their wash out to dry. Help map the places with restrictions on the right to sun-dry.

Toyota concept bike has psychic gear shift

Parlee Cycles and tech company Deeplocal are working together on a bike inspired by the Toyota Prius. It's a reasonably slick-looking machine, but the really weird and bizarre part is the "neuron shifting." The bike uses a gaming neuroheadset, which …

NYC cyclist gets doored by clueless cops

If you're riding a bike and get doored, it sucks no matter what. But what if, like Stephen Mann, you get doored by a cop? Judging from Mann's account, it's even worse than getting hit by your run-of-the-mill inconsiderate driver.