How we roll

Why an additional road tax for bicyclists would be unfair

People who ride bikes are already shelling out more than their share for asphalt. Here's why it makes good economic sense for cities to encourage cycling.

Keeping it real

Can Abu Dhabi's bright green experiment ever grow up to be a true city?

Masdar seems at first glance like a dream come true for anyone who cares about cities as proving grounds for innovative environmental technology. But will it ever have that urban magic?

I left my car for San Francisco

San Francisco transportation agency wants to put brakes on automobiles

The executive director of the city's transportation agency said, "Like in the FDA's food pyramid, too many cars are not good for you."

Building blocks

One Dallas neighborhood revives its streets with some DIY energy

The Better Block project in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas aims to bring life to streets that had been left for dead. And people around the country are starting to take notice.

Citified superstores

Walmart goes urban: be careful what we wish for?

Walmart plans to expand into urban markets with smaller stores that carry fresh food. Is this a good thing?

Moving violations

Green Party candidate's mother calls for tougher laws on hit-and-run

The mother of Natasha Pettigrew, the Green Party candidate for Senate in Maryland who was killed by the driver of an SUV while riding her bike earlier this week, is mourning the loss of her daughter. Pettigrew's mother, Kenniss Henry, is also worrying that the driver of the SUV will get off easy.

Get your Motown running

Getting past "ruin porn" in Detroit [VIDEO]

A series of short films shows Detroit not as a shell of the past, but as an incubator of the future.


Maryland Green Party Senate candidate killed by SUV while cycling

Natasha Pettigrew, a Maryland Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, died late Monday, two days after a Cadillac Escalade hit her while she was bicycling.

Driving themselves crazy

It's World Car-Free Day, and that makes some people nervous

World Car-Free Day is today, Sept. 22. It's a relatively modest affair. So why is one right-wing think tank so threatened by it?

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