NYC cyclist gets doored by clueless cops

If you're riding a bike and get doored, it sucks no matter what. But what if, like Stephen Mann, you get doored by a cop? Judging from Mann's account, it's even worse than getting hit by your run-of-the-mill inconsiderate driver.

Manchester turns a disused building into a vertical farm

We know that some people don't think much of the idea of urban farming, in part because it takes up space that could otherwise be used to house people more densely. But what if an urban farm was a) vertical …

How do you design a bike that will make people give up cars?

Oregon Manifest is a challenge, sponsored in part by Levi's, to bike designers and constructors to build "The Ultimate Modern Utility Bike." The bike must have features like built-in anti-theft devices, fenders, lighting, load-carrying capability, and kickstand. Bikes entered into …

The Atlanta BeltLine: The country’s most ambitious smart growth project

The Atlanta BeltLine shows some progress and much remaining potential.

Transportation and social justice: The sentence is in on the Raquel Nelson case

Could the case of a mother convicted of vehicular homicide for crossing the street with her son be a turning point for the rights of pedestrians and transit users?

Lawns are evil

The end of Borders and the importance of 'third places' in the city

The liquidation of Borders bookstores in cities raises the question of how to preserve the social value of spaces that are now prime real estate.

Mother convicted in son’s street-crossing death speaks out on Today show [VIDEO]

Raquel Nelson, who faces three years in prison after her son was killed by a hit-and-run driver when they crossed the street, gives an interview to Ann Curry on the Today show.

How smart growth in cities saves wilderness [VIDEO]

The relationship between smart urban development and rural conservation is a mutually beneficial one.