Fight climate change by following the speed limit

Bay Area drivers could get a friendly push from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to fight climate change through "smart driving." This means: going easy on fuel consumption by avoiding sudden acceleration, keeping their tires inflated, ditching the golf clubs in …

Spanish city lets you trade in your car for a lifetime pass on public transit

The Spanish city of Murcia offered its residents a lifetime of free trolley rides if they would only give up their cars.

Toronto women's shelter starts bike-sharing program

When you're broke and scared and used to not being in charge of your own life, regaining autonomy is a step-by-step process. Getting on a bike can help with all that.

'Katrina cottages' become permanent housing

"Katrina cottages," alternatives to FEMA trailers used after Hurricane Katrina, find new life around the country as housing and educational facilities.

Your bike commute stories: The good, the bad, and the opossum

We asked you for your best and worst commuting stories. One lucky fan who responded got a gift card for $500 to her local bike shop. But why stop there? A lot of the tales were so good, we just …

Aerialist flies high above New York's Williamsburg Bridge [VIDEO]

The performance that aerialist Seanna Sharpe gave on the Williamsburg Bridge last night is unlikely to achieve the iconic status of Philippe Petit's high-wire act between the Twin Towers. But for 15 minutes, dozens of New Yorkers stood enthralled as …

Why do cities drive us crazy?

Studies have repeatedly shown that rates of mental illness are higher in cities. We still don't know exactly why, but neuroscience is on the job.

Trash trucks powered by trash gas reduce emissions by 80-90 percent

Waste Management Inc. owns 1,000 trash trucks that run on natural gas, plus a bunch of landfills that are constantly pumping out natural gas as a natural product of the decomposition of organic waste. Closing the loop on this cycle …

Phoenix light-rail station is cooled by the sun

Passengers using a newly retrofitted light-rail station in downtown Phoenix, Ariz., can press a button to be showered in cool air, powered by solar energy and cold water from an efficient district cooling system.