Pop-up book brings kids' ideal green cities to life

Spanish design firm Play Studios asked kids to describe what they thought cities would look like in the future, then animated the kid-rendered cities in pop-up book form. There's plenty of fantasy here, but these budding urbanists also have an …


Repairing our broken cities by transforming infrastructure

Can landscape architecture fix the blight created by outdated and destructive transportation infrastructure?


A thrilling tale of bicycle revenge

K.C., who writes the blog A Girl and Her Bike, is a girl with a bike. She's also a District of Columbia police officer. But the second part's not so obvious when she's riding on a Capital Bikeshare bike, out …


As suburban office parks lose steam, Apple unveils the ultimate example

Back to the future in the Apple spaceship.Screenshot: Apple via YouTube The old-school suburban office park seems to be having a midlife crisis. A special report in Crain’s about Chicago-area businesses such as Sears, AT&T, and Sara Lee looking to …


How to fight obesity and climate change at the same time

In Louisville, Ky., projects that might normally pitched as good for the planet are being funded because they're good for people, too. Money from private and public investors is going towards building bike lanes, funding community gardens, and increasingly walkability …


Cities can lead on climate-change solutions — here’s how

Rapid transit buses, like these in Los Angeles, reduce emissions and are cheaper than light rail.Photo: ChrisCross-posted from the World Resources Institute. The post was written by Manish Bapna, WRI’s executive vice president and managing director. On June 2, I …


Getting their fair share: The rise of the barter market [VIDEO]

Barter markets — where people bring stuff they don’t want and exchange it for stuff that other people don’t want — are like urban sustainability Swiss Army knives. It’s amazing how many things they can do. They reduce the amount …


Why do cities get so little respect from state and national governments?

Sao Paulo, Brazil.Photo: Henrique GodoyLast week, I attended the C40 summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The C40 is a network of cities across the globe that are working to address climate change. It recently absorbed the (Bill) Clinton Climate Initiative, …


Bikes are now the hottest accessory

Bike lanes and bike riders may be controversial, but bikes as an image are marketing gold right now. Want to sell it? Put a bike on it! Transportation Nation found bikes for sale or used as display elements at Kate …