Why do cities drive us crazy?

Studies have repeatedly shown that rates of mental illness are higher in cities. We still don't know exactly why, but neuroscience is on the job.

Trash trucks powered by trash gas reduce emissions by 80-90 percent

Waste Management Inc. owns 1,000 trash trucks that run on natural gas, plus a bunch of landfills that are constantly pumping out natural gas as a natural product of the decomposition of organic waste. Closing the loop on this cycle …

Phoenix light-rail station is cooled by the sun

Passengers using a newly retrofitted light-rail station in downtown Phoenix, Ariz., can press a button to be showered in cool air, powered by solar energy and cold water from an efficient district cooling system.  

Cities safer than ever, and the more diverse the better

New data shows that, contrary to popular belief, crime is falling faster in urban areas, and diverse and immigrant populations are a key factor.

But what if NYC bikers were terrorists??

This is not even the first time that someone in New York City has compared cyclists to terrorists, but it might be the dumbest: New York's CBS 2 is concerned that bike lanes will facilitate acts of terror. A Second …

Land of the freegan, home of the brave

For a freegan, the world is a grocery store, and everything is marked 100 percent off. I go dumpster diving with a few intrepid New Yorkers who are living the freegan dream.

Detroit, reborn as Bike City [VIDEO]

There's a growing bike scene in Detroit, and this film by Alex Gallegos captures it beautifully.

Environmental education center built out of recycled materials

An LA-based design think tank called APHIDoIDEA has an idea about how to build an environmental education center that practices what it preaches. The designers imagined an Environmental Center of Regenerative Research & Education -- or eCORRE -- Complex that …

New transportation bill strays offtrack

A transportation bill should make investments in infrastructure repair, not cut funding.