Make cities, not war

Mayors from around the country are wondering why we're building bridges in Kandahar when bridges at home are falling to pieces.

Look how much more space we'd have without sprawl

  If we could just get everyone in the world to pack in a little tighter, we'd have a hell of a lot more open space to work with. Imagine the possibilities! We could pack everyone into the Midwest, fill …


Bicycling's gender gap: It's the economy, stupid

Why don't more women in the U.S. ride bikes? Hint: it's not just about fear and fashion.

Older Americans could be stranded without better transit

As the huge baby boom generation gets older, our auto-dependent society will have to adapt, a new report argues.

Detroit farm school for teen moms has been saved

Catherine Ferguson Academy, the awesome urban farm high school for pregnant and parenting teens, has risen from the ashes. Michigan's emergency financial manager decided last week to shutter the school, which has a 90 percent graduation rate. But it's been …

Cardboard bike helmets are safer than plastic

Yeah, it sounds a little Calvin & Hobbes, but riding around with corrugated cardboard on your head can actually be safer than the plastic and Styrofoam concoctions you get at the bike store. The Kranium cardboard bike helmet absorbs four …

A virtual vacation: Stroll the world with Robot Flâneur

Can't travel the world? A new website will take you to some of its most stimulating cities, and saunter with you down their streets -- with a little help from Google Street View.

Pop-up book brings kids' ideal green cities to life

Spanish design firm Play Studios asked kids to describe what they thought cities would look like in the future, then animated the kid-rendered cities in pop-up book form. There's plenty of fantasy here, but these budding urbanists also have an …

Repairing our broken cities by transforming infrastructure

Can landscape architecture fix the blight created by outdated and destructive transportation infrastructure?