not the best protection

London builds bike ‘superhighways’ with groundbreaking blue paint

To keep bikers safe and speedy, the two eight-mile tracks use the innovative technology of ... bright blue paint.

Does this old mall have an emergency exit?

Getting the Mormons on board with mixed use

As former planning director for Salt Lake City, and as an artist wanting to create live/work spaces for other artists, Stephen Goldsmith has played a key role in bringing mixed-use development to the downtown core …

Footsteps in the sand, and on city streets

Salt Lake mixes sacred space and sustainability

An artist’s rendering of City Creek CenterPhoto courtesy of City CreekSalt Lake City is the world headquarters for the fastest growing church in America, and the influence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day …

Breaking: normal people bike too

Bike branding moves from urban chic to mainstream

Fast Company‘s design blog reports on some inspiring advertising: Americans are riding bikes more than ever, yet cycling is still held up as some sort of cultish hobby relegated to aggro dudes with messenger bags …

demo version

Fate of PACE clean-energy programs about to become clearer

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have shut down most of the nation’s programs using Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), an innovative tool (explained here) that helps Americans finance green improvements to their homes. Here’s the …


Part 1 of interview with local-food economist Ken Meter [PODCAST]

Local food economist Ken Meter(Jerry Carlson/Agri-Energy)Ken Meter, director of Minneapolis-based Crossroads Resource Center, is probably the country’s foremost thinker on the role of food in creating robust local and regional economies. I first encountered him …

not forcing a james connection at all

The future of Rust Belt cities in the post-LeBron era

     Keith AllisonContrived news hooks based on LeBron James are so last week, but Aaron Renn at New Geography has a good link between the departing free agent and a struggling Rust Belt city: …


Does New York City’s High Line park matter in the fight against climate change?

1 hr photo via FlickrThe best use for elevated transit tracks is running trains on them. But the next best use might be beautiful, innovative green space, like the newish High Line park built on …

Pace re-maker

House Democrats introduce bill to defend PACE clean-energy program

Thirty House Democrats signed on to a new bill on Thursday that would save Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs, which have been under attack from mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. PACE is …

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