Home Energy Score could be a much-needed MPG for houses

The score gives a simple 1-10 rating of a home's energy performance and then -- this is the exciting part! -- a higher score owners might achieve if they take recommended steps like adding insulation, …


Webcast: What is livability anyway?

On Thursday the electronics giant Philips offers a webcast on that aims to sketch out more of what livability means. It's got some interesting guests, including former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Creative Class theorist …

How we roll

We need real bike paths for real bike transportation

A recent fatal crash between a cyclist and a pedestrian on the popular Katy Trail in Dallas brings home the message: If we are going to fill the rapidly growing demand for bicycle infrastructure, we …

Logo wild

The future will be sponsored by all your favorite products

Will the city of the future be one big branding opportunity? A couple of short films show just how creepy that might be. Or is the future already here?

Now Sierra here, nature lovers

The cost of smart-growth support for green groups

Nature lovers and urbanist types should be a natural alliance for the simple reason that people living in walk/bike/transit-friendly neighborhoods aren't sprawling out into forests, wetlands, or farmlands. Props to the Sierra Club for educating …

Trash talking

Oscar-nominated documentary 'Waste Land' explores the world's largest garbage dump

Fascinating trash-art documentary Waste Land netted an Oscar nomination today for Best Documentary (Feature). Read our interview with the director!

speaking in code

Big exciting news about building codes. No, really

Maybe it's more inspiring to look at glitzy new green developments like UniverCity or Vancouver's Olympic Village, but these new energy codes improve every new home by 30 percent, not just the ambitious projects.

Bringing cities to heal

How the places we live make us sick, and how they could heal us instead

Our built environment is quite literally driving us down the road to obesity and stress. A group of planners in Vancouver wants to turn that around.

the road to success is paved

Fix public housing by reconnecting it to the street grid

An aging public housing project faces the same challenge as a ritzy New Urbanist neighborhood -- it's been sliced off from the surrounding grid. Here's how to fix it.