A hive mind is a terrible thing to waste

Cherry guy will do his part to keep Brooklyn bees from turning red

The owner of a maraschino cherry factory is going to do what he can to keep neighborhood bees out of the sticky-sweet corn syrup they love too much.

Megacities on the move

How will cities be shaped by transit in the future?

We constructed four future scenarios of transit in cities, speculating how forces like gas prices and city politics might change the way we move.

Velo'v velocity

A new study of data from Lyon's bike-share system could help planners

The hugely popular Velo'v bike-share system is providing a source for hard data on bicycling, having to do with travel times and routes.

Feel the love

Why you love the places you live, in your own words

Last week I put out a question to you, dear readers: Why do you love the place you live? The response from you was immediate and tremendous.

local Leed-ers

Ten affordable neighborhoods-in-progress will design to LEED-ND standards under grant program

A series of grant winners are leading efforts to strengthen surrounding neighborhoods.


Worldchanging’s bright green contribution

The site recognized, before much of the environmental movement did, that cities are hotbeds of innovation, leadership, and people who have internalized a sustainability ethic.

Survival of the fittest

While climate talks drag on, cities must adapt or die

In cities like Norfolk, Va., rising sea levels are not a hypothesis -- they're an unpleasant reality that has to be dealt with, now.

elevated parking

The most secure bike lock in the world (16-second video)

The drawbacks seem to be (1) it looks a little heavy to carry around and (2) if I were a bike thief, I can't imagine a challenge more fun to take on than stealing a …

I’m no light rail scientist, but …

‘The science of public transit is not too complicated’

Don't habit, social pressure, perceptions about what's pleasant and safe all affect which mode of transport people choose?