Driving demand

Beijing's booming car ownership creates traffic nightmare

The Chinese government has made it easy for people to buy and drive cars. Now, the nation's capital city is choking on them.

You talkin' to me?

An experiment in encouraging in-transit conversation

An experiment in Brisbane, Australia, aims to start conversations on the city's buses.

Iceberg Economies and Shadow Selves

Further adventures in the territories of hope

After the Macondo well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, it was easy enough (on your choice of screen) to see a flaming oil platform, the very sea itself set afire with huge plumes of …

Put your money where your metro is

Will we make the needed investment in the nation's cities?

The nation's metro areas could be centers of innovation, green jobs, and low-carbon technology. So why do we treat them like stepchildren?

This commissioner takes no prisoners

Taming the mean streets: A talk with NYC transportation chief Janette Sadik-Khan

NYC DOT commish Janette Sadik-Khan has been giving primacy to people over cars for the first time since Robert Moses started building urban freeways.

Laws of human nature

Solving the problem of the city, scientifically

Anyone who thinks that cities are key to the future of a sustainable human presence on the planet -- and anyone who thinks the contrary -- should read Jonah Lehrer's fascinating piece in yesterday's New …

How we roll

Helmet Wars: A gripping account of the great bicycle helmet campaigns

So, is it safer to wear a bike helmet or not? Parties on both sides of the question claim rationality and cultural superiority for their own. The opponents are engaged in a bloody, winner-take-all contest, …

Necessity is a mother

Memo to ecovores: It’s cheaper being green

Listen up, locavores: Many of us live by the same ecologically sound principles as you, not so we can "live intentionally," but because we're broke.

The worst laid plans

Follow-up on Seattle's proposed deep-bore tunnel

A roundup of basic info on the impending decision to build a huge, car-centric mega-tunnel under downtown Seattle.