How to make cities more foot-friendly

Walking in heelsPhoto courtesy loungerie via FlickrOf all the commuting options available, perhaps the most overlooked is also the cleanest, healthiest, most affordable, and given …

It’s sprawl over now

White flight and the urban-suburban switcheroo

Suburban ChicagoCourtesy Scorpians and Centaurs via FlickrThe idea of racially diverse American cities ringed by mostly white suburbs is essentially flip-flopping, according to the Brookings …

in the red hott seat

‘Love seats’ flirt with creating better bus times

Kadaver off the Record Copenhagen’s buses are introducing another way of getting around while you get around town: “love seats,” or “kærlighedssæder.” (Gesundheit!) A social …

A Sailor’s Take on this Ship Of Fools

Dmitry Orlov on why the U.S. is headed toward Soviet-style collapse

Dmitry Orlov“Really, there’s no one at the helm now,” Dmitry Orlov says nonchalantly. We are talking about the economic crisis and the way that the …

A giant win spill

Home Star energy retrofit bill passes House; is backed by broad coalition; rules

For years, energy-efficiency advocates have been beating their head against a wall. Efficiency saves money, reduces emissions, creates jobs, and enhances economic competitiveness. It ought …

Car and away

Does ‘sustainable transportation’ mean better cars or fewer cars?

Ohio State University’s excellent Moving Ahead 2010 conference wrapped up with an impromptu panel on the oil spill and oil addiction. (White House energy adviser …


Green cars do not make green cities

Cross-posted from PubliCola. In response to last week’s post about how cars cause significant greenhouse gas emissions in addition to what comes out of the …

progress report

Away from the oil spill, signs of local progress

The Gulf oil spill story is too big to ignore right now. It’s a massive, toxic indictment of our dependency on fuels that fill our …

eaarth to humans

Bill McKibben talks about how to live and organize on a reshaped ‘Eaarth’

Bill McKibben’s new book Eaarth argues that our carbon pollution has already reshaped the planet enough that it deserves a new name. McKibben has been …

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