China: the neverending traffic jam story

Transportation experts say there’s barely enough space on the roads in China’s largest cities for the 35 million cars that were bought during the past decade of frenzied consumerism. Photo: Remko TanisThis piece was written by Melinda Burns. The new …


San Francisco descends into self-parody with a bike for every personality

Oh, San Francisco. You with your flowers-in-the-hair and bikes for every person. 

Urban Agriculture

On eco-architecture and urban farming: Are you kidding me with your f-ing farm skyscraper?

Find a place, do some work, grow some stuff: it ain’t rocket science.Photo: Tracie LeeJust last summer, Broke-Ass was invited to speak on a panel at the New York Horticultural Society with such luminaries of the environmental architectural movement as …


Keep the Solar Decathlon on the National Mall!

The Solar Decathlon on the National Mall in 2009.Photo: NREL Solar DecathlonThe National Mall has long served as the nation’s front yard, a place where citizens can gather and display what’s important to them — whether it’s a protest to …


Georgia congressman wants everyone behind the wheel, whether or not they can drive

Look at him. Could you deny him his God-given rights?Photo: Steven YehGeorgia representative and proven nut Bobby Franklin wants you to know that driver’s licenses are eroding your freedom as we speak, because they impinge on your Constitutional rights. From …


New evidence cities rule and suburbs drool

Suck it, Thoreau: Looks like big cities are the way to go if you’re looking to lower your environmental impact. According to a new study published in the journal Environment and Urbanization, carbon emissions in cities are lower than in …


Oysters to the rescue in New York?

They don’t have brains or spines, but maybe oysters could help to save the waterfront of New York. Kate Orff of Scape Design explains how in a recent TED talk. The concept was first presented as part of an exhibit …


Residents of award-winning transit-oriented development say no to transit

Cross-posted from the Natural Resources Defense Council. Photo: thecourtyard So much for the widely-touted concept of “transit-ready” development. The residents of an acclaimed New Urbanist village built around planned light rail (or bus rapid transit) stops have decided that they …


Winter from hell: Don’t panic about having enough food, panic about all the crap we throw out

Nowhere to go.Photo: Sarah Goodyear When extreme weather is in the forecast, people stock up. They storm the markets, sweep the shelves clean, and load shopping carts with bottled water, canned goods, diapers, corn flakes, milk, batteries, Pop-Tarts, you name …