very stimulating news

A very impressive two weeks for the federal sustainability partnership

The Partnership for Sustainable Communities has announced an impressive amount of federal assistance to sustainability projects across the country.

Scientific method

How cities are good for science, and vice versa

The world's booming cities are a hotbed for scientific research. They also have big problems that only science can solve.

Conservatively speaking

William Lind makes a conservative case for public transit (just not buses)

William Lind thinks Republican politicians should be supporting public rail transit because it makes sense for their affluent (and mostly white) constituency. He also says white conservatives are "not going to be comfortable" on city …

Haven it all

We’re tearing this highway down, Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood says

It's one thing to talk about designing for people instead of cars, and another thing make good on that pledge by tearing tear down elevated highways.

Guerrilla habitat

Roll up your sleeves, get out on the street, and make a Better Block

A model for DIY street improvement comes out of Dallas, even capturing the imagination of Long Island's favorite son -- Billy Joel.

Across the great divide

Is there a war between cities and suburbs? Does there have to be one?

Where we choose to live, and how, is emerging as a crucial factor in the battle to reduce carbon emissions. Is there anything to be gained by framing the cities vs. suburbs conflict as just …

Young people in Canada, anyway

New study says young people want apartments, not houses; iPhones, not cars

A new Canadian study indicates that more and more people prefer to live in high-density apartments.

Do the locavore motions

The future of urban agriculture is not about the 10-mile diet

Urban agriculture is a movement in transition. Agriculture has a vital role to play in cities, but it must be done in a way that keeps the urban fabric intact.

Notable quotable

Woman prizes car over skull

A Maine woman was badly bruised when a bullet fired by her neighbor ricocheted onto her property and hit her in the face. What really concerned her, though, was the damage done to her car.