the road to success is paved

Fix public housing by reconnecting it to the street grid

An aging public housing project faces the same challenge as a ritzy New Urbanist neighborhood -- it's been sliced off from the surrounding grid. Here's how to fix it.

Roadblocks ahead

Republican victories not good news for transportation advocates

Things just got tougher for people who want to change the transportation system in the United States from a highway-centric model to one that gives more attention to rail, buses, biking, and walking.

A whole ballot-a lovin'

Election 2010: The scoop on energy and environment ballot measures

Find out about California's Prop 23 and other ballot measures around the country on energy efficiency, bottled-water taxes, public transit, and more.


The future we want

It's tough to make compelling drama out of a happy-green-prosperous future -- even if that's where we want to live.

helmet, smellmet!

A bike helmet that stinks will keep you from cracking up

Worried about whether your helmet will still keep you safe after a few falls? Here's one that makes quite a stink when it's time to replace it.

tale of new 'cities'

'Cities' may not matter as much as we think

When we talk about "cities" strictly limited to a fraction of a place's total area and population, we're being arbitrary and missing important points.

Playing in traffic

How to make congestion pricing seem fun and fair [VIDEO]

A pair of slightly weird videos manage to make road pricing both entertaining and easy to understand.

I am not a car

A moment of autocentric lunacy at the Rally to Restore Sanity

There may have been lots of lucid thinking at Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity, but comparing Americans to cars stuck in traffic wasnt an example


'20 is Plenty' campaign takes crazy stance against running over children

Hoboken, N.J., launched a "Twenty is Plenty" campaign to ask drivers to voluntarily slow down to 20 mph where the limit is 25.