How to make Smart Growth affordable

If you live in a walkable, transit-connected neighborhood, you'll probably spend less on transportation. Perhaps mortgage lenders should take note. Here's how smarter mortgages could crack the Smart Growth housing premium.

Dude, where's your car?

For Hollywood, carlessness is ‘symbolic castration’

Why does the film industry have such contempt for the carless? Good question.

Bon voyage

Paris hopes to expand car-sharing, limit car-burning

Paris already has one of the largest bike-sharing programs in the world; now it wants to add a car-sharing program, with all electric cars.

the mile-high bike club

Colorado: Denver mayor and guv candidate talks bike-sharing, light rail, and coal

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper took Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on a bike ride last week to show off B-cycle, the city's new bike-sharing program. He talks to Grist about urban mobility and his campaign for governor.


California pulls home-energy stimulus funding in PACE dispute

More fallout from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's opposition to a popular clean-energy program.

A trickle in time

Mighty Colorado River dribbles through Mexico [EXCERPT]

In his effort to paddle the entire length of the Colorado River, author Jonathan Waterman had to walk the last 60 miles of delta and infected his feet in the polluted remains of the drying river. Here is the second of two excerpts from Waterman's book, Running Dry.


Smart Growth is great, unless it created the housing bubble

Did land-use regulation contribute to the housing bubble? New research finds that any limits on where homes can be built corresponded to both higher price gains and steeper price drops for residential property.

Obstruction in the Senate? Gasp!

Energy bill could save PACE clean-energy program — if a Republican will help

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he is willing to add PACE-restoring legislation to a scaled-back energy bill, but only if a Republican cosponsor signs on to the plan. That may be the best hope of restoring the popular finance tool.

sprawl together now

Even suburban Chicagoans want to invest in transit

The Chicago Tribune/WGN released a doozy of a poll Saturday finding a surprisingly large appetite for cutting highway expansion and redirecting the money to transit.