IBM’s OneCity urban fix-it game

IBM is hyping its new flash video game, OneCity, which is sort of a hybrid between SimCity and a well-produced commercial.

Inventing the Weeels

Digital entrepreneurs want to change the way New Yorkers hail a cab

What if the solutions to America's transportation problems weren't made out of concrete and steel, but out of zeros and ones? What if you could turn car services and taxis into an alternate public transportation …

all along the watertower

When I learned that water isn't supposed to have a taste

Turning on your faucet shouldn't be a high-risk venture. Cities and towns shouldn't have to worry that the water lost in leaky pipes will mean ongoing shortages or usage restrictions. But these concerns are already …

Out of sight, out of mine

Chilean miners rescued, carnage continues on American roads

The world watched as 33 lives were saved. But in the two months since the miners were trapped, more than 6,500 people died in motor vehicle crashes in the United States. Why can't we pay …

let's not water down our hopes

Redesigning our cities for the dawning age of global freshwater scarcity

The next urban evolution cannot occur unless we reinvent urban water supply and management to meet the demands of the age of freshwater scarcity.

These are the people in your neighborhood

When the man in the street is your friend

Tom was always there outside the bodega, until he wasn't. And we realized what we had lost.

Move it or Lose it

Why we need to change the way we spend on transportation

We've been doing transportation planning wrong for generations. And our economy is paying for it.

Living la CicLAvia

In Los Angeles, people come out to play when streets are closed to cars [VIDEO]

"We can take a ... street that's usually filled with cars and congestion, blowing out pollution all around, and clear every car from that street, and create a canvas of what a community can look …

Doing their shares

NYC to use hybrid Zipcars for city employees

New York is the latest municipality to try car-sharing for city employees as a strategy for reducing costs and the number of automobiles on the street.