EPA not great at regulating stormwater pollution, says report

Stormwater pollution from cities and suburbs is fouling the nation’s waterways, and the U.S. EPA is failing to do much about it, says a new National Academy of Sciences report commissioned by the EPA itself. …

Toyota Prius again tops EPA list of most fuel-efficient cars

It’s almost 2009 — do you know where your fuel-efficient car is? (And with oil dipping below $70 a barrel, do you care? Oh, calm down, we kid.) The U.S. EPA has released its annual …

ReGeneration Roadtrip: Sittin' on the dock of the bay

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s HQ is green and gorgeous

Todd and I arrived early at our first D.C.-area appointment, so we wandered down a path leading out of the parking lot (where our Prius was in a “hybrid only” priority spot) and, to our …

ReGeneration Roadtrip: Shouting green from the rooftops

Chicago’s City Hall is growing green

This is a guest post from my travel partner, Todd Dwyer, head blogger for Dell’s —– Even as Sarah and I ran frantically down LaSalle Street in downtown Chicago in a desperate attempt to …

Houston joins Los Angeles in having ‘severe’ smog problem

Houston has received the dubious honor of becoming the second U.S. city to have a “severe” smog problem, as classified by the U.S. EPA. Los Angeles is its partner in grime. The downgrade from a …

Free Prius!

Who will bail out the McMansion developers?

If you think the economic downturn is bad for you, try being a developer of sprawly McMansion exurbs. Those dudes have it rough! Don’t miss this hilarious story from Kaid Benfield, director of NRDC’s smart …

NYC eco-mayor will seek third term; mayors foresee green jobs

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seeking to change term-limit rules and win reelection to a third term; if he succeeds, it will be to the benefit of his ambitious plans to address climate …

Oh noes, driving down!

As of July, U.S. driving declined for nine months straight. Average gas prices have dropped almost 50 cents since then — I’ll be very curious to see the figures for Aug. and Sep. This seems …

Mobilien, oui

Bus rapid transit in Paris

Here’s a video from Streetblogs about Mobilien, the excellent bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Paris that launched in 2004: In implementing the system, Paris eliminated a great deal of street parking. Quel horror!

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