China's biggest cities grow its greenest citizens

People in large Chinese cities are more environmentally aware -- and more likely to act on that awareness -- than those in smaller cities.

Six reasons free parking is the dumbest thing you didn't know you were subsidizing

The U.S. has as many as eight parking spaces per car. That's more than a billion parking spaces, or one for every person in China, should they need them once they're done buying all our post-crash assets for jiǎos on …

Time to ruggedize: We should talk more about preparing for climate change

It used to be conventional wisdom among greenies that it's best not to talk much about adapting to climate change. But adaptation may be the most approach to climate change.

Smaller SUVs are safer than bigger ones, but walkability trumps all

If you want to be safe, buying a big SUV won't do it. But living in a place where you don't have to drive so much is a sure bet.

What does it mean to ride a bicycle responsibly?

There has never been a unified code of behavior for bicycling, so people have been left to hash it out on the street. With more people riding all the time, that's becoming an issue. So who is really responsible?

Building bike infrastructure creates more jobs, plus people want this stuff

John Boehner has said that Americans don't "look very kindly" on bike infrastructure. Seems he might be wrong.

Millennials not looking for McMansions (unless they have to move back in with the parents)

Will Generation Y choose to live in smaller spaces and more walkable communities than their parents did?

What happened in Brisbane could happen to us

Here's one reason it's important for us to look these catastrophes in the face and realize that they can happen to us: They reveal how weak our systems are. All of our modern sophistication, our gadgets, our smart cars and …

Walmart wants a piece of New York City

Walmart has so far been shut out of the Big Apple. Now they're back, using a fancy new PR campaign with all the social-media bells and whistles.