Millennials not looking for McMansions (unless they have to move back in with the parents)

Will Generation Y choose to live in smaller spaces and more walkable communities than their parents did?

What happened in Brisbane could happen to us

Here's one reason it's important for us to look these catastrophes in the face and realize that they can happen to us: They reveal how weak our systems are. All of our modern sophistication, our gadgets, our smart cars and …

Walmart wants a piece of New York City

Walmart has so far been shut out of the Big Apple. Now they're back, using a fancy new PR campaign with all the social-media bells and whistles.

A failure to communicate: Urbanists should accentuate the positive

Urbanists prattle on about sustainability as if the economic meltdown of the last few years didn't even happen. No wonder it's not working.

'Superstreets' work smarter, not wider

Is there a way to accommodate a growing population and its continued need to drive without ending up in a scenario where we all live in the median of a 120-lane highway? Researchers at North Carolina State University found that …

Detroit, community resilience, and the American dream

Within our lifetimes, many of us will have to pioneer a new meaning of what "the good life" really is. People in Detroit are leading the way.

Who's riding the subway this week? Jake Gyllenhaal and pantsless hipsters

What's sexy about riding the subway? Well, this weekend you got to see a lot of people's underwear and maybe also Jake Gyllenhaal.

Living in a small space can sometimes cramp your green style

Living in a small home without a car limits the amount we consume and pollute. But green living can sometimes get in the way of -- well, green living.

Does it matter if the developed world has hit 'peak travel'?

A recent study found that travel has stagnated in eight developed countries, including the U.S. But what about the rest of the world?