Measuring the historical diversity of a neighborhood

Can the historical "character" of a neighborhood be measured somehow, the way that tools like Walk Score measure walkability?

CityVille overtakes FarmVille as Facebook's top app

Millions of Americans are hooked on Zynga's new city-building game. Are there any real urban-planning principles at work?

Do roads pay for themselves? Well, no

A new report from the U.S. Public Interest Reseach Group debunks the myth of the self-financed highway system. Will Congress be convinced by the facts?

The year ahead in bikes

Elly Blue looks into her crystal ball and sees more bike lanes, more bike-sharing, more e-bikes -- and the best year ever for two-wheelers in the U.S.

IBM heads to Rio with its Smarter Cities program

IBM has partnered with Rio de Janeiro to create an operations center that will give the Brazilian city's emergency-management team access to a vast array of data.

Singing London sewermen say, Don't flush the fat! [VIDEO]

London sewermen sing a rousing hymn to proper waste disposal.

Want a safe place to raise kids? Look to the cities

Cities might be enriching and green and beneficial for kids in all kinds of ways. But what most parents want to know is, are they safe? The answer is that there is nothing inherently dangerous about cities. On the contrary.

Seven New Year's resolutions to make your neighborhood a better place

This year, instead of resolving to improve yourself, make a decision to improve the place you live. It's easy. Here are some ways to start.

Beijing's booming car ownership creates traffic nightmare

The Chinese government has made it easy for people to buy and drive cars. Now, the nation's capital city is choking on them.