Oh noes, driving down!

As of July, U.S. driving declined for nine months straight. Average gas prices have dropped almost 50 cents since then — I’ll be very curious to see the figures for Aug. and Sep. This seems …

Mobilien, oui

Bus rapid transit in Paris

Here’s a video from Streetblogs about Mobilien, the excellent bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Paris that launched in 2004: In implementing the system, Paris eliminated a great deal of street parking. Quel horror!

The case for country

Why I ditched D.C. and moved to rural Nebraska

“You’re moving where?! Why?!” Steph Larsen on the road in North and South Dakota Photo: ruralaffairs. This response was by far the most common among acquaintances when I told them excitedly that I was leaving …

ReGeneration Roadtrip: For them, the bell tolls

Bridging architecture and ecology at Arcosanti

    To get to Arcosanti, you must drive 70 miles north of Phoenix — one of the fastest growing (read: sprawling) areas of the country, through gorgeous saguaro-covered desert hills to a 2.5 mile …


Why the party that wrecked America can’t fix it

The Republican party has a problem. They have based much of their power, over the last several decades, on the idea of ever-expanding (almost exclusively white) suburbs. The thinking was, as those suburbs become less …

ReGeneration Roadtrip: Doubling down on green

Vegas may serve as hopeful proving ground

    This is a guest post by my travel partner, Todd Dwyer, head blogger for Dell’s —– When you think of Las Vegas, a lot of things may come to mind, but sustainability …

It's no Portland

Oregon’s capital far behind its bigger sister

From LoveSalem: So we were talking about keeping chickens as part of a scheme for implementing the "Food Not Lawns" ideal (Victory Gardening for The New Reality). Someone thought you could keep hens but not …

50 most sustainable cities

SustainLane’s annual ranking of the sustainability of America’s 50 largest cities is out. Grist is happy to be located in No. 3 overall, No. 2 in knowledge base, No. 2 in energy and climate change, …

Portland, Ore., tops sustainable-cities ranking

For the fourth year in a row, Portland, Ore., has been named the most sustainable of the 50 largest U.S. cities. The rankings by green org SustainLane, which take 16 economic and quality-of-life factors into …

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