Better cities could save $31 billion a year

A new report by CEO’s For Cities shows how access to destinations is more important than how fast you can drive in your car while you are trying to get there.  The report, titled, “Driven Apart: How Sprawl is lengthening our …

How NYC's streets are being reclaimed from the automobile [VIDEO]

The last three years have seen an incredible transformation of New York's streetscape. More than 200 miles of bike lanes have been added, while Times Square and many other formerly car-clogged spaces have been turned into havens for pedestrians.

There's safety in numbers for cyclists

You might reasonably think that the number of bicycle crashes would skyrocket as more people take to the streets on two wheels. It's a fine, common-sense assumption -- that happens to be wrong.

The Cincinnati subway that never was [VIDEO]

Today, some people look at the decision to halt the Cincinnati subway in 1925 as fatally short-sighted. "If they had finished this system, we may have actually held on to some of our businesses that have left. Cincinnati downtown may …

LEGO lets you play with improving mass transit

Will having kids play with LEGO buses and trams (rather than Hot Wheels) foster the next generation of public-transit advocates?

Bike trail being paved with asphalt made from plants instead of oil

Chris Williams of Iowa U. has cooked up a bio-oil from plants that can replace the asphalt glue that holds our pavement together -- Bioasphalt.

NJ governor puts a halt to major public transit project [UPDATED]

Gov. Chris Christie's refusal to invest in a piece of major public transit infrastructure is another blow against a modernized transportation system.

The world's largest metro transit system is in …

After opening several new lines this year, it's got 282 stations and 420 km (261 mi) of lines, compared to 408 km in London and 368 km in New York.

New York City to curb sewage surges with green infrastructure

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has an ambitious plan to keep raw sewage out of the city's waterways.