there's something in the water

Olympians prepare for a “petri dish of pathogens”

If Rio's waters weren't cleaned up for Olympic athletes, how can we expect they'll be cleaned up for the city's actual residents?

commuter programming

Forget free wi-fi: America just wants buses that show up on time

Transit officials bribe riders with high-tech perks, when they really just want a fast, reliable way to get around.


In Maryland, one community is taking a stand against environmental racism

The majority black town of Brandywine could see five polluting power plants operating within 15 miles, but residents are fighting back.


Environmental injustice and police violence are a dangerous combo

Black Lives Matter -- which means the air we breathe does, too.

Get off the bus, gus

The Republican Party makes its hatred of mass transit official

The GOP platform dismisses transit, high-speed rail, bike shares, and any other transportation programs that aren't highways.


Columbus: “No light rail for us, please — just loads and loads of driverless cars”

The city got a $40 million grant from the Department of Transportation ... that won’t be going toward mass transit.


Meet a Republican mayor and convention delegate who takes climate change seriously

Jim Brainard, mayor of Carmel, Indiana, has cut carbon emissions and made his city more walkable and bikeable.


No cars allowed on this 3,000-mile East Coast bike trail

Imagine biking all the way from Maine to Florida without ever confronting a semi.


Republicans are trying to scare you about crime, but cities have been getting safer

The stats are clear.