The Poverty Solution: Put People First

How food, forests, and people are connected, in 10 charts

Here's why environmentalists should cheer on the end of poverty.


Portland says no way to new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Oregon's largest city has become the first in the nation to ban the building or expansion of major fossil fuel terminals.

The way way forward machine

Google’s self-driving car project is now a company named Waymo.

But don't expect to be chugging Mad Dog in the driver's seat anytime soon.

bridge to nowhere

Just what our crumbling, aging infrastructure doesn’t need: Trump’s plan

Trump is really just pushing a tax cut that wouldn’t fix our infrastructure needs.

Burn notice

The Ghost Ship fire is a reminder: We have to make our cities work for everyone

In this time of dramatic economic inequality, we’re going to have to accept unconventional housing and work to make it safer.

fresh beats

Stop what you’re doing and watch kids rap about growing food.

This viral video has a vital message.

toxic lake

How the sugar industry killed Florida’s beaches.

The Weather Channel shows just how bad Florida's green sludge problem could get -- and who is to blame.

A drink and a nod

Why is EPA chief Gina McCarthy speaking at a conference full of private water company execs?

Private water firms have screwed over cities and citizens around the world, including Flint, Michigan.

Good Things

The mannequin challenge may be in its twilight, but public transit has our hearts forever.

Atlanta's metro authority filmed a mannequin challenge. It's delightful.