Climate & Energy

Bay Area voters approve a whole new kind of climate tax

The $12-a-year property tax will raise money for restoring coastal marshes and preparing for rising seas.


New York City tries to end scourge of plastic bags. New York state says, “Nope.”

Who knew trying to get rid of plastic bags would be such a battle?


Even if Sanders loses the primary, his fracking policy won California

Clinton and Sanders have been courting the state’s environmentalist vote.


We don’t mean to be rude, cities, but get your gas under control

Your greenhouse gas, that is. Here's how to do it.


Record-breaking floods hit Paris. Get used to it.

Disaster is anything but exceptional in a climate-changed world.

A little fishy

Here’s the real story behind Trump’s drought denial

He isn’t the only one arguing there is no California drought.

Climate & Energy

Houston flooding is a perfect storm of climate change and bad urban planning

It's not just the rainfall that is endangering Houston's citizens -- it's all that pavement.


Love Canal: The toxic suburb that helped launch the modern environmental movement

The once-idyllic suburb is now a ghost town.

Business & Technology

Nestlé’s bright idea: a water bottling plant in the desert

As Lake Mead hits a record low, Nestlé eyes nearby Phoenix as a prime spot to bottle water.