The Bay Area could get a whole new kind of climate tax

Voters will soon decide whether to impose a property tax that would generate revenue to restore key wetlands.


Cities and companies have pledged to fight climate change. Now what?

They’re making a lot of climate pledges, but they aren't being held accountable.


Why’s the rent so damn high? It could be Airbnb.

Critics blame the service for gentrification, displacement, and the rising cost of housing.

Climate & Energy

The Keystone movement goes global

No new fossil fuel proposal is safe.

Climate & Energy

The United Arab Emirates has a plan to make it rain: Build a mountain

If you have more money than water, why NOT build yourself a nice mountain?

Climate & Energy

Washington state will vote on a carbon tax this fall — but it’s complicated

The ballot initiative sparked a debate over what's better: a carbon tax or cap-and-trade.


Seattle’s new environmental justice agenda was built by the people it affects the most

It seeks policies that support equitable environments and create green paths out of poverty.

High and Mighty

As sales boom, pot shops have become the new face of gentrification

In Seattle, on the same corner where black men were once arrested for dealing pot, a white man is now legally raking in seven-figure sales.


San Francisco mandates solar panels on new buildings

The city took one more step toward a shift to 100 percent renewables by 2025.