bloom & bust

Florida’s algae-infested lakes are a sign of things to come

Warming lakes and oceans are happy homes for algae.

Fast, Cool, Convenient

Don’t miss it: We’re talking sustainable cities in NYC this summer

Come to our hot summer lecture series, on a few of our favorite things: transportation, plastic, and keeping cool.

Election Guide ★ 2016

Making our cities stronger and greener: A planning guide for candidates

All politics are local? Then pols should get serious about improving the places where most of us live.

All Dried Up And Nowhere To Go

Lake Mead, we’ll be honest: You’ve looked better.

The reservoir, which serves 25 million people across the southwest, has been dwindling since 1993. Is this the new normal?

You're hired!

Who might Trump pick for top environmental roles in his cabinet?

We read the tea leaves and divine some names.


The hot new trend in American infrastructure: Unpaved roads

We can't pay to repave roads so we're ripping them up instead.

Titanic move

Paris bans cars that remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was hot

Cars from before the world knew the lyrics to “MMMBop" can’t be on the roads during most daylight hours.


Miami’s plan to deal with climate change: Make developers pay up

Developers get rich building in vulnerable areas. Now the city wants them to pay for its protection.

Climate & Energy

Rising seas are lapping at the doors of Trump’s real estate empire

"You're fired!" says the ocean.