Climate & Energy

If these corals can make it in Miami, they’ll make it anywhere

Coral reefs are dying off worldwide, but in the murky waters off of Miami, one man found some remarkable survivors.


At continent’s edge, a rail epic concludes, pursued by tank cars

There's nothing quite like the conversations you have on a long railroad trip. But sooner or later, even the wildest digressions have to end.


Environmental justice works — and these folks show us how

Activists around the country are shaping public decisions -- and reshaping their communities for the better.


California (finally) gives cyclists a little more room to ride

A new California law requires that drivers steer clear of cyclists by at least three feet. What took you so long, Cali?

Climate & Energy

Black church leaders rev up for climate justice

The good revs. Lennox Yearwood and Otis Moss III say it’s time to get serious about caring for our planet — and our fellow men.


Those Detroit water shutoffs? Blame ‘em on botched bookkeeping

Documents in a new suit show that Detroit's water utility forgot to charge $115 million in sewage fees -- then hit residents with surprise catch-up bills.

Climate & Energy

Why the Kashmir floods have been so deadly

The disaster highlights the cost of careless urban planning and environmental mismanagement.


Hacker houses offer shared living for the young, green, and tech-obsessed

Forget the commune: Across the country, new kinds of co-living spaces are trying to disrupt economies and transform city life.


This nutty professor lives in a dumpster

Jeff Wilson has moved into a 33-square-foot trash container in an effort to create a "low-impact, zero-net-waste" life.

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