5 surprising electric car Meccas

Electric cars are about to blow up in these cities -- and none are on the coasts.


Buying this guy a car was nice. Buying a mass transit system would be way nicer.

Generous people have donated to help a man who used to have to walk 21 miles a day. But we need to fix the larger problem.


Uber, Google could replace cab drivers with robots

Your pick-up app might soon be hailing self-driving cars.

Climate & Energy

The Koch brothers just kicked mass transit in the face

The billionaires just squelched efforts to raise the gas tax, which pays to fix roads and bridges, saying money was being wasted on bike paths and transit.


2014 was the safest year to walk in NYC since 1910

Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to cut pedestrian deaths to zero begins to make a little headway, building off a long-term trend.


Tree simple tricks for making our cities cooler

By planting 30,000 trees, Melbourne, Australia, could lower its core temperature by 7 degrees. How cool is that?


Urban planners may have finally found how to get to Sesame Street

With "equitable development," planners say they've finally figured out how to make sustainable, healthy neighborhoods accessible to everyone.


Seattle vs. Boston: Which Super Bowl city sucks less?

We pitted Boston and Seattle against each other based on some of our favorite urban metrics -- like transit, oysters, and celebrity activists.


This Edmonton ice path would be amazing

The proposed "Freezeway" would turn bike paths into lanes for skis, sleds, and skates. Bring it on!

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