Business & Technology

In times of smog, some Beijing businesses get creative

To drum up business, one bar is offering a smog discount on beer.

Business & Technology

Better air-quality stats — using data science, sensors, and ladders

An open-source project in California is putting cheap air-quality test stations on school roofs and other locations.

Climate & Energy

Short film shows how climate change is swallowing Louisiana

This video reminds us that for some communities, climate change is already here.

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Soft drink tax war to bubble up in cities across the U.S.

Soda taxes are finally gaining traction. Next year, they might appear at the polling booth in a city near you.

Business & Technology

Port neighborhoods demand action from the EPA

Living next to a port is similar to living next to a coal plant.


The people of northern Manhattan are fighting climate change on their own terms

The other half of Manhattan didn't make splashy headlines after Hurricane Sandy, but its woes were real. Now community activists are preparing for the next time.

Climate & Energy

When national governments fail to halt climate change, can city action fill the gap?

Climate action by cities is important, but it's crucial that we avoid double counting municipal achievements.


China’s “sponge cities” use smart infrastructure to prevent massive water issues

The Chinese government has an ambitious plan to redesign urban water systems.