Those Detroit water shutoffs? Blame ‘em on botched bookkeeping

Documents in a new suit show that Detroit's water utility forgot to charge $115 million in sewage fees -- then hit residents with surprise catch-up bills.

Climate & Energy

Why the Kashmir floods have been so deadly

The disaster highlights the cost of careless urban planning and environmental mismanagement.


Hacker houses offer shared living for the young, green, and tech-obsessed

Forget the commune: Across the country, new kinds of co-living spaces are trying to disrupt economies and transform city life.


This nutty professor lives in a dumpster

Jeff Wilson has moved into a 33-square-foot trash container in an effort to create a "low-impact, zero-net-waste" life.


Good news! Creeks are safer for swimming

Bad news: Creeks aren't safer for swimming if you are a bug.


Why Americans love to hate the train — and always have

A cross-country train trip serves as a reminder that Big Rail once called all the shots, until we pushed back against its reshaping of the U.S. landscape.


How to give a community a soul

Charming neighborhoods are not magic. They can be developed with smart public policy.


Get paid to make your commute awesome

Got an idea for how to make the daily trek less awful? This contest could make your dream come true.


When adding bike lanes actually reduces traffic delays

In New York, smart street design helped the city have its safety and its speed, too.

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