taken for a ride — or not

Uber works great for white male riders.

A new study indicates all rides are not created equally.


A new guide will show you the way to national parks without a car.

Gorgeous, remote national parks can often be reached by train or bus.

Breathing doom

300 million children are breathing toxic air right now.

Nearly one in seven kids in the world live in areas where outdoor air pollution is at least six times higher than international guidelines.

self-driving brewskis

Self-driving truck uses first shipment to deliver Budweiser. Sigh.

The Otto truck transported 51,744 cans of Bud on the 125-mile trip from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Colorado Springs.

garage against the machine

We’re building more three-car garages than one-bedroom apartments.

Because nothing says 'Murica more than owning as many gas-guzzlers as you can.

Don't Walk

The best show on TV right now is about living carless in the suburbs

Donald Glover's new FX show is a perceptive picture of America's growing problem of poverty and sprawl.

A rising tide sinks all homes

Miami’s sea-level troubles aren’t just hitting the rich.

Miami Beach gets all the attention for its increased chronic flooding, but poorer, inland neighborhoods are being hit hard too.

collision course

The world needs better sidewalks and bike paths, like now.

The UNEP calls for countries to use at least 20 percent of their transit budgets for bike lanes and safe sidewalks to encourage walking and biking over driving.

Pack your bags

Which U.S. city should you hunker down in during the era of climate change? 

The New York Times compiled a list, and we at Grist did too.