Money doesn’t matter: White people breathe cleaner air

Too often, your access to fresh air depends on your skin color.

Business & Technology

Google self-driving car makes history by driving like your grandpa, crashing into bus

This is the first time Google took the blame for a crash.


Here’s a realistic plan to slash food waste

A new report lays out a detailed plan for making big cuts in food waste.

Business & Technology

Las Vegas casinos want to go renewable, and that means a fight with the state’s utility

Embracing solar energy is a good business move for casinos, even if it isn’t good for the old-school monopoly utility.


Move to Minnesota, but don’t do it because of a “best of” list

Even if it does top a lot of them.


All Trump-ed out, Chris Christie goes home to block funding for lead-poisoned families

Chris Christie isn't going to be winning any popularity votes.


Can you find big love in a tiny house?

A new reality show wants to hook up tiny house dwellers.

Business & Technology

Why driverless vehicles won’t be the death of public transportation

Autonomous vehicles will lead to longer commutes and more sprawl only if you believe that everyone is dying to spend hours cooped up in cars.


What Instagram reveals about your access to healthy food

In all regions of the U.S., Instagram posts from food deserts depicted grub that was higher in cholesterol, sugar, and fat.