Business & Technology

More than 100 years of car evolution could reveal where the industry is going next

In a new study, researchers treat car models as species that originate and die when their production cycles begin and end.


This book will help you see your surroundings in a whole new light

Let's work out a realistic relationship with the nature around us.

If You Build It, They Will Groan

Oil heir bringing Mormon-inspired sustainable city to rural Vermont

Could a sustainable city designed nearly 200 years ago change the world? One developer is scooping up land in the hopes of finding out.

Climate & Energy

India floats ambitious goal: 100 percent electric cars

The government thinks it doesn't have to spend a dime on it.


Scientists may have found a way to predict heat waves — 50 days in advance

A new study may have found a way to predict extreme heat in the eastern U.S.


If you live in a city, this PBS quiz tells you you’re an elitist. Don’t believe it.

Why is PBS is pushing racist, anti-urban propaganda from controversial conservative Charles Murray?


Excuse me — do you know where my Appalachia is?

Relatively few people seem to understand what, where, or why the region is -- or even how to pronounce it. Surprise: It's all pretty complicated.


What makes a city great? New data backs up long-held beliefs

Here's more proof that Jane Jacobs was right.

Business & Technology

The U.S. is just pathetic on high-speed rail

In a new ranking of nations' high-speed train networks, the U.S. comes in below even Turkey and Uzbekistan.