Milan wants to pay people to bicycle to work

Let's hope this will encourage people to step off the gas pedal and onto bike pedals instead.


Important communal garden in Los Angeles faces a rocky future

Landowner says it won't renew Proyecto Jardín's lease.


Americans spend 30 billion hours a year commuting. And it’s killing them

It's terrible for the planet, too.


Ted Cruz holds Flint water crisis money hostage

Withholding disaster relief funding may come at a cost for Ted Cruz.


Want to encourage the development of walkable neighborhoods? Fix this

Federal housing support policies encourage sprawl instead of the more transit-friendly, urban neighborhoods that many Americans prefer.


Humans evolve to grow hideous mustaches to filter China’s air pollution in new ad

Sometimes, a baby with a mustache is just what the environmental movement needs.


Georgia to transform an unassuming stretch of interstate into a greener highway

The "world's first sustainable highway" could be coming to Georgia.

Business & Technology

Chinese waste-to-energy plant will be a mile in circumference

The world's largest trash-burning plant will feature solar panels and a pedestrian path.


Does this smog make me look fat? Study links air pollution and obesity

Now residents of smog-choked cities may have one more thing to worry about.