This video game will make you care about crumbling urban infrastructure

What could be scarier than playing a structural engineer facing down collapsing bridges and backed-up sewers?


Rick Perry stole my urbanist talking points. Too bad he doesn’t actually understand them

The presidential candidate made some surprising comments about city zoning codes recently, but he's totally missing the big picture.


Artisans transform one small town’s economy

Welcome to Tieton, Wash. The town of 1,200 could hold lessons for rural America.

Business & Technology

How much does your state care about the environment?

One company analyzed enviro-minded Google searches by state and called out the superstars. Nice work, Cali.


Thanks to social change, urban density ain’t what it used to be

To reduce greenhouse emissions, we need more people living in densely built city cores. But lifestyle changes and inequality are making that harder to achieve.


Toyota’s futuristic iRoad looks like a jellybean, and drives like one, too

Toyota's iRoad may not be where the car industry is going, but it's one heck of a souped-up, whacked-out golf cart.

Business & Technology

Driverless electric taxis could be huge for the planet. Here, let these Legos explain

A smart driverless electric taxi system isn't just a string of buzzwords -- it could actually come with huge savings for the environment.

Climate & Energy

Climate action by cities could help us avoid the worst of climate change

New report from all-star commission says smart urban development is key to hitting emissions targets.

Green Screen

“True Detective” wants to remind us that sometimes L.A. is just the worst

The third episode of this blighted season delves into the parts of the city that are far, far uglier than freeways and industrial pollution.