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What’s the most overlooked but important issue of the year?

Affordable housing is a national problem in need of a national solution.

From the Editor

The Grist holiday letter

What a year we had!

Unsafe as houses

6 ways Ben Carson could screw up fair, affordable housing

If the nominee for secretary of housing and urban development takes right-wingers’ advice, he could undermine many of HUD’s key programs.

As the Uber turns

Uber’s self-driving cars threaten to squish bike riders.

The company's autonomous vehicles have a problem with making dangerous right-hook turns across bike lanes. So do humans.

water wars

There are over 3,000 U.S. communities with lead levels twice as high as in Flint.

Lead poisoning isn't a Flint problem -- it's an American problem.

guest post

Cities can pick up nations’ slack on combating climate change

A coalition of mayors hopes to keep warming below 1.5 degrees C.

The Poverty Solution: Put People First

How food, forests, and people are connected, in 10 charts

Here's why environmentalists should cheer on the end of poverty.


Portland says no way to new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Oregon's largest city has become the first in the nation to ban the building or expansion of major fossil fuel terminals.

The way way forward machine

Google’s self-driving car project is now a company named Waymo.

But don't expect to be chugging Mad Dog in the driver's seat anytime soon.