Wet behind the piers

Should New York City abandon its waterfront?

Much of NYC will be under water in 100 years -- but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should make a hasty retreat from the coastlines.

a smile away

Today in weird transit news, we bring you a car that smiles and a mind-blowing electric bus.

The smile will activate at crosswalks to alert pedestrians that it's safe to cross.

Road work ahead

Chicago just named a street for an environmental justice hero.

There's now a street called Hazel Johnson EJ Way.

Yinz Get Aht

How is Pittsburgh observing Self-Driving Uber Media Day?

The national media is pretty hype on the colossally unprofitable startup's rollout of its self-driving cars.

Hot time in the city

The best way to fight climate change? Don’t call it climate change.

U.S. cities are getting hammered by climate change. What are they doing about it?

Good idea

One city is making a good start at tackling its homelessness problems — thanks to a lawsuit.

Pomona, California, will stop criminalizing homelessness for now.

Bad air day

Should you avoid walking if the air is polluted?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk clears the haze on this tricky question.

water park

As the Potomac River rises, cherry trees planted along the sloped bank will drown, row by row.

Climate Chronograph is a stark reimagining of the modern memorial.

Sharing Ain't Always Caring

Airbnb is trying to address its racism problem.

In an email to users, co-founder Brian Chesky outlined the steps Airbnb plans to take to address discrimination.