In the new Walking Dead spinoff, black lives don’t matter

AMC's new "Fear the Walking Dead" saves the grossest violence for its black characters -- and makes a mockery of Los Angeles diversity.

Climate & Energy

How California’s sprawl got in the way of a strong climate bill

In a car-dependent state, where too many citizens don't have good transportation options, it's a hard lift to slash gasoline consumption.


Urban activists set out to sue San Francisco’s suburbs

A much unloved San Franciscan and her cohorts push a posh suburb to start building denser and more affordable apartments.

Climate & Energy

There’s been a boom in energy-efficient skyscraper construction

But there's a catch.


Turns out San Francisco didn’t need a hipster private bus company

San Francisco's startup bus line goes bankrupt. Maybe $6 tickets, wood-paneled interiors, and swiveling barstools weren't a great idea, after all.

Climate & Energy

U.S. and China pledge city and state climate action

The next step in the two superpowers' climate partnership is getting cities and states to step up their green game.

There goes Antarctica!

You don’t even wanna know what happens if we burn all the fossil fuels

But it involves no more Antarctic ice and WAY more ocean.

Football is immoral. Time to get rid of it

This brutal, corrupt sport is incompatible with progressive values.


New York’s natural gas pipelines are leakier than your grandpa

Old infrastructure is spewing a greenhouse gas all over Manhattan.