Homage to Catalonia

Barcelona is kicking cars off many of its streets.

The city is banning cars from many neighborhoods, creating "superblocks."

London calling

London is banning dangerous trucks — and that’s great news for cyclists.

Cities around the world should do the same thing.

Revenge of the 'Burbs?

Why Uber won’t fuel more sprawl

A prominent economist says that the rise of Uber and self-driving cars will spur a new exodus to the suburbs. Here's why he's wrong.

Lack of Agency

EPA is breaking its own rules about protecting communities of color

It has a long history of failing to enforce anti-discrimination policies, a new report says.

More like "the big battery," amirite?

NYC is the first city to adopt a target for energy storage.

It will help the city integrate more solar and wind power into its system and ultimately bring down carbon emissions.

In the zone

Obama pushes to make cities denser and more affordable

Too bad a president has very little power to make that happen.

City beet

A farm bill just for urban agriculture?

Yes, if Sen. Debbie Stabenow has her way.

There’s something in the water

Record rains are sending untreated sewage into U.S. cities

Well, shit.

Look Ma No Wheels

Car-free cities might be catching on.

This week, cities mark World Car-Free Day, an annual event to promote ways to get around sans motor vehicles.