Not your parents’ transit

These huge buses drive right over the top of cars

China thinks it’s found an answer to its congestion problem.

The walk of the town

Homes in walkable neighborhoods are worth more

People are willing to pay a higher price for a home if it's close to stores, workplaces, or transit, new analysis finds.

Lawn and order

Ripping out lawns could have unintended consequences

In L.A., replacing grass with drought-tolerant plants could change the city’s temperature.

Its park is bigger than its bite

Cities finally realize they don’t need to require so much damn parking

From New York City to Fayetteville, Arkansas, some cities are relaxing requirements that new developments include parking spots.

down with the dumps

Watch America’s trash problem keep getting bigger

This map shows where landfills have sprung up over the last 100 years.


Civil rights group throws support to controversial desalination project

It would come at a high cost to vulnerable communities.


Can a city really go vegetarian?

It's not the worst idea ever.

there's something in the water

Olympians prepare for a “petri dish of pathogens”

If Rio's waters weren't cleaned up for Olympic athletes, how can we expect they'll be cleaned up for the city's actual residents?

commuter programming

Forget free wi-fi: America just wants buses that show up on time

Transit officials bribe riders with high-tech perks, when they really just want a fast, reliable way to get around.