Ever heard of a self-healing building? Just wait

This nifty "bio-concrete" might help buildings stand a little longer.

cod piece

Seattle’s smart plan to remake its streets

The key: Making room for bikes, buses, and other mass transit, and no new concessions for cars.


Climate forecast for Seattle: warmer and wetter, with a chance of deluge

Increasingly intricate climate models suggest that Seattle will be warmer and wetter on average -- but it's not averages that the city is worried about.


90 percent of our diets could be local — but only if we nix Big Ag

If we completely revolutionize our entire farm system, most of our diets could come from locally grown food, according to a new study.

Who killed the gayborhood? A Grist podcast investigation

Join us as we explore the effects of woo girls and tech money on Seattle's Capitol Hill. Special guests include Dan Savage.


In Seattle, the rent is too damn high

Tech booms, bad government, and money-hungry developers: Inside Seattle's insane housing market, and how it got that way.


Meet Las Vegas’ “prophet of growth”

Pat Mulroy preached conservation while backing growth in Las Vegas.


In the battle against climate change, Seattle is on the front lines

The Paddle in Seattle is just a hint of this city's commitment to fighting climate change. Next up: Eliminating its carbon footprint completely.

Holy (ice) sheet

These freaky maps show what extreme sea-level rise will do to China

As the world's ice sheets melt, cities like Shanghai could be heading underwater.