Clean Air


The environment is trying to ruin the Olympics again

It's like Mother Earth doesn't want us to have fun for some reason.

Clean Air

Hazing gone amok: How the EPA is trying to clear up our national parks

The EPA's recent proposal to limit soot could make our cities less hazy. But what about our parks?

Climate & Energy

Europe goes crazy for coal — and we can blame ourselves

A spike in coal usage in the Old World is bad news. Blame America.

Climate & Energy

EPA proposes sensible update to soot pollution limits. Expect outrage

The proposed new standard limiting particulate pollution makes a lot of sense and will save lives. So no wonder certain people will go nuts.

Climate & Energy

Why the power industry is running away from coal

The market for coal is drying up nearly as rapidly as the seams in Appalachia.


Diesel exhaust causes cancer, WHO says

The unexpected-but-still-important finding puts diesel exhaust on par with second-hand smoke.


China’s smog city: What Wuhan looks like with 20 times the U.S. dust limit

Residents of the Chinese province of Wuhan are coping with a smog like you've never seen.

Clean Air

Obama wants to give white children asthma, says blogger

You might think that air quality controls are about mitigating the health effects of breathing in pollution. If you’re a staunch Republican, you might think they’re about destroying capitalism. But blogger (and birther) Daren Jonescu knows what air quality controls are …


The dirt on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s environmental record

Wisconsin voters are at the polls in a referendum on Gov. Walker. Here's what green voters need to know about his track record -- and future plans.