Clean Air

Obama proposes new emissions standards on eve of U.N. meeting

Obama's proposed rules to reduce CO2 pollution should be applauded, given the hostile, anti-science political environment they're coming from.

Lisa Jackson, Rachel Maddow, and Richard Nixon discuss the environment

EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson was on Rachel Maddow's show last night, talking about how clean air and water should not be partisan issues. In what is perhaps a show first, Maddow opened the segment with a non-ironic quoting of …

Fracky Friday: Delay means victory for fracktivists in Delaware — for now

Residents of New York, Philadelphia, and neighboring areas can turn on their taps without worrying about the flammability of their water for at least a little while longer. The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) made anti-fracking supporters happy this week …

A case study in how media bias works against clean-air rules

Political reporter John Broder had a long piece in The New York Times yesterday chronicling Obama’s decision to delay a tighter national smog standard. I have no desire to relitigate that fight, but I do want to pluck out one …

The Change Gang: people making waves

Grassroots pesticide fighter takes on the big polluters

Grist is proud to present the Change Gang — profiles of people who are leading change on the ground toward a more sustainable society and a greener planet. Some we’ve written about before; some are new to our pages. Some …

Beijing denies air pollution while party elites get home air purifiers

While China's citizenry are dying in record numbers owing to catastrophic levels of urban air pollution, the country's leaders are breathing Perri-Air. That is, their offices and homes use elaborate, expensive air filters to prevent the country's elites from having to …

Pollution is not the secret to job creation

Economic analysis shows that contrary to GOP hype, environmental regulation does not lead to significant job loss.

Get the lead out: Clean air tied to decline in violent crime

Research ties the decades-long drop in violent crime to reduced urban lead poisoning.

Even Republicans favor the EPA rules that Republicans are trying to block

Yet another nationwide poll has found that the public overwhelmingly supports clean air protections, across demographic and party lines. Yes, even Republicans.