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Grassroots pesticide fighter takes on the big polluters

Grist is proud to present the Change Gang — profiles of people who are leading change on the ground toward a more sustainable society and a greener planet. Some we’ve written about before; some are new to our pages. Some you’ll have heard of; most you probably won’t. Know someone we should add to the Change Gang? Tell us why. If you spend a little time Googling Mari Rose Taruc, the staff director of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, you’ll find that the adjective most likely to be applied to her is “fierce.” Taruc laughs delightedly when told this. “I’m …

Beijing denies air pollution while party elites get home air purifiers

While China's citizenry are dying in record numbers owing to catastrophic levels of urban air pollution, the country's leaders are breathing Perri-Air. That is, their offices and homes use elaborate, expensive air filters to prevent the country's elites from having to breathe the same toxic shit as the plebes in the street. Meanwhile, the government reports negligible levels of pollution that don’t come close to requiring personal air supplies. But the U.S. embassy in Beijing is reporting air pollution levels that don't exactly toe the party line, leading China's official environment ministry to accuse the Americans of "hype." The embassy's readings, published …


Pollution is not the secret to job creation

Economic analysis shows that contrary to GOP hype, environmental regulation does not lead to significant job loss.