Clean Air

Republican anti-EPA jihad, explained

National Journal's Ronald Brownstein has an excellent column on the unusual party discipline of House Republicans have displayed in recent votes against EPA regulations.

Critical List: Energy Dept. picks more winners; natural gas boom comes to Ohio

The Department of Energy, always picking winners, you know? The first Quadrennial Technology Review, to be released today, favors technologies that could come into commercial use in 10 years — i.e. consumer goods you can spend money for. This could mean …

How is Obama's overall record on the environment?

Is Obama's record on climate change and air pollution better than Bush's? How is it relative to the ideal, and relative to what seems politically realistic? Good questions ...

Switching from coal to natural gas would accelerate climate change, say scientists

Here is a terrifying, crazy-making truth: Getting off coal will accelerate climate change, at least in the short term.

Memo to EPA chief Lisa Jackson: Defy Obama or resign

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has been ordered to sacrifice public health in service to the energy industry. Her only reasonable, conscionable alternatives are to disobey Obama's orders, or step down.

Critical List: Oil industry says it has jobs to offer; Senate could cut clean energy funding

Need a job? Alberta's tar sands industry wants YOU. But if you want to stay in this country, never fear, the oil and gas industry wants to create jobs here. On the one hand: Yay jobs! On the other hand: Boo oil …

Obama / Bush graffiti

Obama pulls a Bush on clean air

A deeper look at the politics and maneuvering leading up to the most outrageous environmental offense of the Obama administration.

By giving in to Big Oil, Obama seals his political fate

Obama is directing the EPA to withdraw standards that would have cut smog and asthma attacks, saved lives, and created jobs -- not a smart strategy for reelection.

Obama blows smog in everyone's face

President Obama has yanked back the EPA's proposed new restrictions on ground-level ozone (i.e. smog). That's a huge win for Big Business, which had claimed it couldn't weather an economic downturn AND keep from suffocating people at the same time. …