Climate Change


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But Is It Art?

Can climate change be beautiful? In virtual reality, sure.

Tamiko Thiel's "Gardens of the Anthropocene" portrays a world that children might love -- but they'd find it pretty hard to live in.

bog down

The fires of Indonesia aren’t just killing the planet; they’re killing people.

Smoke from the 2015 fires killed over 100,000 people.

The GOP’s top climate hawk sees a potential Trump upside

Bob Inglis clings to hope that the real estate developer will break the GOP's fever on global warming.

In That Case, Gimme A Cig

Without the Clean Air Act, U.S. cities wouldn’t be much to look at.

A new report helps us visualize just how smoggy American cities would be without air pollution regulation.

This is where I leaf you

Tens of millions of trees across the U.S. are dying.

And that's bad news when it comes to climate change.

coastal ghosts

Ghost forests are eerie evidence of rising seas

As saltwater inundates their roots, coastal trees are dying off.

Hot or not?

La Niña has arrived! Or has it?

Meteorologists are divided.

Best coast

California has an ambitious plan to tackle climate change. Could it work?

Here’s your primer on California’s far-reaching climate plan.