Climate Change

Field Of Study

These scientists spent 17 years studying grass so you don’t have to.

Researchers adjusted temperature, increased carbon dioxide concentrations, fiddled with rainfall, and pumped in nitrogen pollution — even started a few wildfires.

Obama and Xi
These guys

China and the U.S. really want you to know we’re in it together on climate change.

Presidents Obama and Xi announce they ratified the Paris climate agreement reached last year.

I'm On Vacation, Dawg

President Obama is listening to Grist.

We wished for Obama to go snorkeling in the Pacific -- and lo!

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Here's what we read and loved on the internet this week.

Mayo-r Change

Can you stop global warming AND get spoon-fed mayonnaise until your heart stops?

SNL's Cecily Strong makes the case for carbon tax in a new campaign for "Years of Living Dangerously."

Still Not Stewart

Seth Meyers: Eco-warrior?

Seth Meyers lays into climate-denier excuses.

Siberia might as well be where the world begins to end.

This summer has been a strange one, because of climate change.

Epochs for Jocks

We’re not officially in the Anthropocene yet, because geologists move almost as slowly as geology.

How do we define the modern age? To be fair, there’s lots to figure out.

You're krilling me

The American pika is disappearing — and you only care because it’s cute.

The American pika is endangered by climate change -- but so are way uglier species that you don't care about.