Climate Change

Conservative think tank hosts discussion on cap-and-trade. Is it Friday the 13th?

It is! But the American Enterprise Institute-led discussion around an increase in the cost of carbon pollution happened earlier this week.

Farm Bill

Will the farm bill prop up doomed crops in this extreme climate?

If the House Agriculture Committee has its way, the farm bill will continue to subsidize monocrops that don't have a chance in this increasingly inhospitable climate.

Texas judge rules that the atmosphere is protected under the public trust doctrine

The victory by a group of children who sued for climate action is significant, though the long-term impacts are uncertain.

Climate Change

Strange things are afoot in the Arctic Circle

A research team recently discovered previously unknown life under young Arctic sea ice. Could it have anything to do with climate change?

Climate Change

Photos of train tracks and airplane runways melting in the heat

Last weekend’s heat played havoc with transportation in the D.C. area, but at least we got some cool photos out of the chaos. The  heat-buckled highway was just a heat-buckled highway — they’ve been all …

Climate Change

Gambling advice: Don’t bet that the warm weather is just a fluke

The odds that we just had the warmest 13 months in American history by chance? 1 in 1.5 million.

Climate Change

This video proves we’re living in a disaster movie

This compilation of recent news footage could EASILY be the scene from a disaster movie showing a news footage montage right before everything goes to hell.

Climate Change

June’s 3,282 heat records, in one handy chart

In the U.S., June heat broke 2,284 daily maximum temperature records and tied a further 998. Here's what that looked like for the lower 48 states.

Climate Change

Cities are leading the charge on climate action

While many national governments struggle to take comprehensive action on climate change, major cities around the globe are acting on their own.