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Global warming makes Russia militarize the Arctic

There has not traditionally been a lot of military presence in the Arctic, given as how it's mostly ice and seals. But now that the ice is melting, it's just mostly seals, and those little buggers are shifty. So Russia …

Climate & Energy

Oceans kept the last decade from being even hotter

Occasionally, as in the past decade, greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere continue to increase, but the increase in average world air temperatures seems to "pause." (Not that the past decade wasn't the hottest on record -- it's just that …


Critical List: Solar installations increasing; giant snails invade Miami

The number of non-residential solar panel installations is growing. Disasters connected to weather or climate made more than 30 million people in Asia refugees last year, the Asian Development Bank reports. Oil industry consultant Daniel Yergin wrote a new book about energy. It'll probably annoy you. …

Energy Policy

Carbon taxes that don't work are a bad idea

There's a perspective that's gaining ground in the energy policy debate: emissions taxes may not be very effective in fighting global warming, but we should support them anyway.

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Climate-denying candidates make more Americans believe in global warming

According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, 83 percent of people now believe that climate change is happening. That's up from 75 percent last year. What's behind the change? Partly heat, and partly hot air.

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Critical List: 24 hours later, climate change still a reality; EPA will miss GHG deadline

Al Gore said some stuff. Texans return to their burnt-out homes. If these droughts keep up, it won’t be too long before the state gets on board with Gore. The EPA won't make a deadline for regulating greenhouse gas emissions. Here's what an imaginary, perfectly …


Stopping bad things and starting good ones

On Moving Planet Day, Sept. 24, people around the world will get on bikes, skateboards, and their own two feet to put fossil fuels in the rearview mirror.

Climate & Energy

New atlas shows climate change effects — including a brand-new island

The new edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World includes an island that's only existed since 2006. Uunartoq Qeqertaq -- "Warming Island" -- surfaced when the Greenland ice cover retreated because of global warming. It's only one of the climate …


Critical List: Climate change kills jobs; making a bridge out of live trees

Climate change kills jobs: A new study says California's economy could take a hit in the hundreds of millions of dollars as climate change takes it toll. So really, any program that fights climate change should be considered a job-saving program. …