Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change makes hurricanes like Irene more destructive

Instead of asking whether climate change causes disasters like Irene, we should be asking if it increases the damage toll (the answer is a resounding yes).

Climate & Energy

Global warming will make future hurricanes worse, full stop

Ignore the members of the peanut gallery bleating about whether or not we can blame hurricane Irene on global warming. What matters is that in the future, warmer temperatures will mean more moisture in the air, so more flooding. And …

Energy Policy

Everything you've heard about the tar sands and energy security is wrong

Here’s the reality: Protecting the United States’ energy security means keeping our continent’s oil in the ground for when we need it in an emergency.

Climate Change

Climate change has made New Yorkers more vulnerable to Irene

A new map shows that climate change-related sea-level rise has boosted the number of people living in areas vulnerable to storm-surge flooding from Hurricane Irene.

Climate Change

State Department concludes Keystone XL has 'no significant impacts'

The State Department issued its final environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline, finding it would bring no significant environmental impacts.

Climate & Energy

Texas likely to have multi-year drought; Rick Perry likely to deny its cause

Texas' over-the-top, economically devastating, record-breaking drought is likely to turn into a grinding, multi-year drought, reports Kate Galbraith in the Texas Tribune. That could put it on track to compete with the state's worst-ever dry spell in the 1950s, which …


Critical List: East Coast prepares for Irene; Inhofe gets on Romney’s case

With Hurricane Irene on its way, New Yorkers head to Trader Joe's and make jokes (I think they're jokes?) about the proper amount to tip delivery guys who come out during a hurricane.  Why does a super-walkable condo building in Denver include eight floors of parking …

Climate & Energy

PSA: Irene might mess up the East Coast something good, so be ready

The U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting that hurricane Irene is going to strafe pretty much every inch of the most densely populated part of America, i.e. the East Coast. So if you live anywhere from the Carolinas …

Business & Technology

Critical List: Conflicts connected to climate; some green collar jobs are also white collar jobs

Conflicts across the world can be connected to climate phenomena like El Niño. Mitt Romney: so wimpy on climate issues, it hurts. Some green jobs require an MBA. Drivers are still cutting down on miles, even though gas prices are creeping downward.