Climate Change

People don't care about climate impacts in other countries

Messages about the urgency of climate change that depict harms to people in other countries, or even just other parts of the same country, often backfire, says a new study.

Critical List: Climategate scientist cleared; Halliburton exec drinks fracking fluid

The National Science Foundation found Michael Mann, a scientist at the center of Climategate, did nothing wrong. You don’t say. Ford and Toyota are going to be working together on technology for hybrid trucks and …

Climate Change

Why isn't the climate left stronger?

Chris Mooney has an amusing reply to my piece on conservative white males (CWM) and the politics of climate. He notes that liberal psychology tends to be the inverse of CWM psychology, in ways that …


Chris Christie says ‘climate change is real’ while vetoing climate action

The New Jersey governor believes that human-made climate change exists, but is blocking his state's participation in a regional climate program.

Election 2012

Huntsman slams Perry on climate, Bachmann on gas prices

Jon Huntsman believes in climate change and isn't afraid to say so -- or to call out his rivals on how their anti-science stance is hurting the Republican Party.

Climate Change

'I'm scared out of my mind' — but still getting arrested to stop the tar-sands pipeline [VIDEO]

More than 100 activists have been arrested so far for protesting against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline in front of the White House. Watch on video.

Climate change makes alien invasion more likely

Update: Depressingly, this wasn't funded by NASA at all, although one of the authors is from NASA's planetary science division (he worked on it in his free time). It's still a good read though. (Thanks, …

Climate Change

70 arrested on first day of tar-sands-pipeline protest

Seventy people from across the U.S. and Canada were arrested in front of the White House Saturday morning on the first day of a two-week sit-in aimed at pressuring President Obama to deny a permit …

Climate Change

Tar-sands protesters in jail longer than expected

Despite assurances from the police that tar-sands-pipeline protestors would get just a few hours in jail, they're now being locked up for 48 hours or more.