Climate Change

Kenya is on the brink of approving GMOs

Most African countries have locked out GMO crops, but a few are beginning to open their doors.

Climate change is making food more toxic

Mycotoxins and other poisons are cropping up in our crops.

Nestle, PepsiCo, and other big corporations promised to protect forests. Who’s following through?

Corporate sustainability promises get a crash test. Here’s who passed.

Ethiopian farmers made a desert bloom again

Ethiopian farmers innovate to fight drought -- and win big.

A weekend of protests barely makes the papers

Protests in D.C., West Virginia, China, and Japan barely register on American media.

Drought leads to ethanol backlash, finicky farm animals, and higher food prices for you

Some meat-producing states are fighting the feds' requirements for corn ethanol in gasoline, trying to bring down corn prices.

(Koch-funded) scientist changes opinion, finds warming due to humans (including Kochs)

Richard Muller, a long-time climate-change denier, did a big study of his own and found the same thing everyone else has: Humans are causing climate change.

As temperatures rise, cities are getting hotter, faster

The urban heat island effect is increasing in many American cities.

Extreme summer storms could tear us a new ozone hole

Strong thunderstorms may send moisture high into the atmosphere, where it combines with remaining CFCs to break down protective ozone gas.