Climate Change

Climate Change

Did climate change ’cause’ the Colorado wildfires?

The question of whether climate change "causes" certain events drives David Roberts a little nuts, but he tries to tackle it once and for all.

Climate Change

Weather underground: How TV weathercasters can help in the climate fight

Weathercasters are trusted interpreters, but lag behind on climate science. Getting them up to speed could have big impacts on public understanding of climate.

Climate Change

Appeals court to EPA: You just keep on regulating greenhouse gas

Good news. And now, we assume, the chastened polluting industries will quietly upgrade their systems to reduce greenhouse emissions, and we'll never speak of this again.

Climate Change

Rising sea levels: It’s worse than you think

New research published in Nature Climate Change offers updated, comprehensive projections of sea-level rise over the next two centuries. The news is ... not good.

How’s the weather, America? June 26, 2012 edition

What do you do when there are too many awful weather-related happenings across the country? You make a map.


Congress’ flood insurance plans could actually pass despite being sensible and realistic

Not that we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Everything you need to know about Tropical Storm Debby, and more

What you need to know about the storm currently bearing down on the state of Florida, including whether or not it's safe to go to Disney World. (It is.)

Earthlings: Bad at not emitting carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide output in 2010 was higher than any prior year. Nice work, all.

Climate Change

Adapting to climate change: Necessary but difficult and expensive

There's no longer any question of preventing climate change. If we're smart, we can adapt enough to avoid too much suffering -- but it won't be easy.