Climate Change

Record heat causes nation's water pipes to 'burst like geysers'

The EPA helps towns with infrastructure upgrades that can prevent the problem. Too bad politicians in Texas want to shut the agency down.

Rick Perry thinks Texas climate scientists are in a ‘secular carbon cult’

The Texas governor still refuses to drink the climate science Kool-Aid, no matter how many Texas scientists try to make him see the light (and feel the heat).

Raging storms, rising seas swell ranks of climate refugees

The last decade's destructive storms are a warning: If we can't stabilize the climate, more damage, displacement, and loss lies in the decades ahead.

Call to action: Stop the environment

Are you kidding me with this? Two former members of The State AND Deputy Hawk getting all Modest Proposal on climate change? Shut down the internet, please, I want to go out on a high note.

Critical List: Shell spills oil in the Arctic; the Northwest Passage opens

A Shell oil platform in the Arctic is leaking oil. The company won't say how much but will say that the spill is under control. The Interior Department is looking into treatment of Arctic scientist Charles Monnett, who is under …

Overheated river hobbles nuclear power plants

The Tennessee Valley authority has shut down three of its nuclear power plants for the second summer in a row, thanks to unusually warm temperatures in the rivers into which they would normally discharge water.

Rick Perry to run for president; climate deniers cheer

The climate skeptics can finally get excited about the 2012 election: Texas Gov. Rick Perry, their candidate of choice, is about to officially throw his hat in the ring.

How we know we're causing global warming, in one handy graphic

There is a set of phenomena we would see happening if human-emitted greenhouse gases were causing climate change. There is a set of phenomena that are happening. THEY ARE THE SAME PHENOMENA. That is all. (But if that's not enough …

Daredevils rowing to North Pole to draw attention to climate change

In order to draw attention to the perilous state of the Arctic, "Scottish adventurer" Josh Wishart teamed up with fiver other fellows to row 500 miles across the Arctic sea, starting from Resolute Bay in Canada. The journey should take …