Climate Change

Climate Change

Talking about the weather, post chitchat

The weather isn't a boring topic of conversation, and talking about the link between extreme weather and climate change takes on new significance.


NYC Mayor Bloomberg gives $50 million to fight coal

Michael Bloomberg has always wielded his power as mayor of New York to fight climate change, but now he's putting his personal fortune where his mouth is.

Climate & Energy

Why 107-degree overnight temperatures should freak you out

Government conspiracy heat wave or no government conspiracy heat wave, this summer is setting records -- not just record maximum temperatures, but also record minimums. On June 27, Oman recorded the world’s highest ever minimum temperature when the mercury failed …


Dudefest no more? Women are infiltrating cleantech

Men are running the show at most of the companies pushing renewables, efficiency, clean cars, and the smart grid -- but that's starting to change.

Climate & Energy

Limbaugh: Heat index is a liberal government conspiracy

Heat wave? What heat wave? That’s just the government TELLING you it’s hot outside, for its own nefarious reasons. You know the (evocative but false) parable about the frog and the boiling water? Rush is the frog standing in the …

Climate & Energy

The only weather map you'll need this summer

Linda Sharps (@Sundry) has preempted your need to check for at least the next week or so.

Climate & Energy

What's the legal status of a country that gets swallowed by the ocean?

By the end of this century, it's likely that at least a handful of island nations will find out what it means to become a "deterritorialized" state, writes Rosemary Rayfuse in the Times.

Business & Technology

Critical List: Mitt Romney doesn’t believe in carbon; Halliburton’s profits are up

Mitt Romney doesn't think carbon is a pollutant and doesn't think the EPA should regulate it. But he has said that we should reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. May he doesn't understand what those words mean? The hybrid electric …

Climate Change

Bill McKibben avoids the fetal position

Bill McKibben's new Global Warming Reader brings together a range of writing on climate change.