Climate Change

Getting more voices into the climate game, starting with Steven Chu

It's easy to overthink the problem of climate skepticism. One answer is sending signals that trusted people and institutions are in agreement on the issue.

Heated debate: public opinion on climate and weather

Polls show that most Americans think we should be addressing the problem of climate change somehow, regardless of whether they believe it's man-made.

Turns out Nature, like Wall Street, is also bankrupt

If you thought it was just your pension fund that was in the toilet, you'd best break out the plunger, 'cause you've got an entire planet that will shortly be following it down the loo. Check out this infographic:

Tar-sands emissions could negate all other Canadian carbon cuts

A report from Canada's environmental agency predicts that the rise in greenhouse-gas emissions associated with mining tar-sands oils will be more than double the decrease in the country's emissions from other sources. Environment Canada said in its emissions trends report …

Critical List: Wind turbines get bigger and better; tree-killing fungi are thriving

Wind turbines are becoming bigger, more efficient, and more powerful. Drilling in the Arctic is not such a hot idea, as any spill will be tricky to clean up. The Southeast is the only region in the country that hasn’t …

Most of the country had record heat in July

This July has seen so many record daytime and nighttime temperatures that if you plot them on a map, they show a nearly complete image of the lower 48 states.  Almost 9,000 daily records were broken or tied last month, …

Texans drinking urine, consulting Bibles in face of ongoing climate apocalypse

Texas is now in the midst of its worst-ever one-year drought. Austin, Texas' capital, has received less than two inches of rain since October, a period that would normally see 18 inches. Here are just a few of the impacts of …

How do you solve a problem like conservative white men?

Conservative white men are loathe to accept the threat of climate change. What should we do about it? Kick their asses.

New tool maps how badly climate change affects you

A new web tool from the Natural Resources Defense Council lets you map climate change threats — excessive heat, disease risk, pollution, drought, and flooding — anywhere in the United States. Above is the full U.S. map showing the average …