Climate & Energy

Carol Browner is leaving: does it matter?

President Barack Obama's top energy and climate change adviser will step down in the coming weeks. Was there any reason for her to stay?

Van Jones on the economic injustice of plastic [VIDEO]

Van Jones lays out a case against plastic pollution from the perspective of social justice in this TED talk.

Rising commodity prices and extreme weather events threaten global stability

Get ready for a rocky year. From now on, rising prices, powerful storms, severe droughts and floods, and other unexpected events are likely to play havoc with the fabric of global society, producing chaos and political unrest.

Chevron, under pressure for destruction of Amazon, was top oil lobbyist last quarter

Chevron, responsible for a multi-billion-dollar environmental disaster in Ecuador, is instead spending millions to shore up Senate political support.

Obama's State of the Union: what he should say but won't

The best climate hawks can hope for from Obama over the next two years is to defend the EPA. Here's what he should say about it in his State of the Union.

If you're under 25, you should be pissed about climate change

"Generation Hot" is the 2 billion young people who will be stuck dealing with global warming for their entire lives, writes Mark Hertsgaard in his book "Hot."

Live chat with author Mark Hertsgaard on climate change and ‘Generation Hot’

Join us Jan. 25 at 3 p.m. Eastern for a chat with renowned journalist Mark Hertsgaard about his book, "Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth."

Meet the Climate Fockers

Here’a repost from my blog today:   A business colleague and friend recently had a nice conversation with his brother, a doctor visiting from the South. His brother doesn’t think climate change is a problem. It went something like …

Obama’s executive order could actually be a win for the environment

Progressives have weighed in on Barack Obama's regulation executive order with criticism. A close look reveals much of the complaints are unwarranted.