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Let the iPhone Save the Planet

About three years ago, I sat next to a man on a plane who was watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” on his iPod. I couldn’t imagine it being much fun, although the special effects probably looked more realistic on a …

Climate & Energy

Is cap-and-trade to blame for the death of the climate bill?

Pundits say cap-and-trade is the reason for the green movement's lack of success and that a different policy is key to moving forward. I don't buy it.

Climate & Energy

How America Can Lead the Clean Energy Race

U.S. economic leadership is at a crossroads. Recent outlooks suggest we may experience long-term stagnation and unemployment comparable to Japan’s lost decade. Yet while we have suffered an economic crisis produced by our own financial sector – losing millions of …

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Flying Energy Generators: maybe the next big thing.

Because it has been documented that today’s technology could replace all or most fossil fuel consumption with renewable sources[1], the most important focus for writing on technical solutions to the climate crisis is what can be done today. There is …

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Mammoth trucks en route to Canada’s tar sands threaten Montana

Imperial Oil has contracted to transport giant machines from South Korea through Idaho and Montana to Canada’s Athabaskan tar-sands project in Alberta

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How much of a problem is wind-turbine noise?

Does worrying about climate change keep you up at night? Well, climate-friendly wind farms can keep you up at night too, rural Oregon residents say.

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EPA takes center stage on climate action, gears up to battle Big Coal

Cap-and-trade's death means any federal effort to limit emissions rests with the EPA. Not shockingly, EPA has become the whipping boy of politicians.

Gubernatorial tutorial: What's at stake in your governor's race?

Colorado: Denver mayor and guv candidate talks bike-sharing, light rail, and coal

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper took Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on a bike ride last week to show off B-cycle, the city's new bike-sharing program. He talks to Grist about urban mobility and his campaign for governor.

Meet the minds behind all that climate change data

Math whiz tackles the big carbon sink puzzle

Inez Fung is on a mission to find and account for every gram of heat-trapping carbon dioxide on the planet. And she knows where most of it is hiding.