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Trees in the bank

Pacific NW landowners team up to market forest offsets

Owners of forestland in the Pacific NW could benefit more under a national carbon offsets system, as trees common to the region store more carbon per acre than East Coast species. Pictured: Douglas firs in …


Surprise, surprise: NWF-sponsored poll finds support for climate bill

Hey, we couldn’t find a photo that screamed “polling,” so how about this period shot of Seattle City Light workers?Seattle Municipal Archives via FlickrThere’s some good news about public support for climate legislation in a …

Listen up

A new sound, a new economy

People often ask me what the environment has to do with poverty and why communities of color are getting so active in the fight against climate change. Earlier this week, Green For All released a …

security blanket

NYT: Climate Change Seen as Threat to U.S. Security

The changing global climate will pose profound strategic challenges to the United States in coming decades, raising the prospect of military intervention to deal with the effects of violent storms, drought, mass migration and pandemics, …

Climate analyst, author of ‘The Honest Broker’ urges people “Please Read Climate P

UPDATE:  Roger Pielke, Jr. is a Senior Fellow for an organization that is dedicating all of its resources to killing any chance of either a national or international effort to avert catastrophic global warming and …

activism as hot as the planet

Climate disobedience: Is a new “Seattle” in the making?

This guest essay was originally published on TomDispatch and is republished here with Tom’s kind permission. Research assistance was provided by Sean Nortz. Will climate disobedience heat up in the months before Copenhagen?In the early …


Dynegy out of the new coal business

This is the weekly post from Bruce Nilles, director of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign. Three years ago Dynegy launched plans to partner with LS Power and become the largest new developer of coal-fired power …

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Alaska legislature rebukes Palin, but Alaskans may still lose

The odd saga of stimulus money and the state of Alaska drew to a close yesterday, ending in what should have been a big win for efficiency, as the state legislature voted to override former-Governor …

Rebuilding america

A policy framework for investment in energy efficiency retrofits

This post is co-written by Benjamin Goldstein, Reid Detchon, and Kurt Shickman and reprinted with permission of the Center for American Progress. Investments in building efficiency retrofits can simultaneously address the challenges of economic recovery, …

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