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Climate & Energy

On David Owen and William Jevons

David Owen's latest piece in The New Yorker has attracted much attention and rekindled interest in William Jevons and his paradox, and much ink has been spilled in support of and opposition to the article. Amidst the discussion, I'm struck …

Climate & Energy

California launches compromise small-scale renewable auction

The California Public Utility Commission launched its Renewable Auction Mechanism last week, to spur more development in renewable energy projects.

Climate & Energy

Greening up your shiny new iPhone with endangered species ringtones

Download an endangered species ringtone and make every call a cry for help from a Gunnison's prairie dog, a Mexican gray wolf, or a California condor.

Climate & Energy

Federal solar incentives cost schools ownership opportunity

This is part of a series on distributed renewable energy. It originally appeared on Energy Self-Reliant States, a resource of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s New Rules Project. There’s been a fair amount of news about the spread of solar carports …

The Climate Desk

What does the Bible have to say about climate change? [AUDIO]

There's an emerging environmental movement among faith-based communities in the U.S., but still considerable disagreement about climate change.

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A conversation with Bill McKibben

The paperback version of my book Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our last Chance to Save Humanity is now available. It includes, as an added section, a conversation between me and organizer Bill …


Further adventures in the territories of hope

After the Macondo well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, it was easy enough (on your choice of screen) to see a flaming oil platform, the very sea itself set afire with huge plumes of black smoke rising, and the …

Climate & Energy

Why our economy 'required' the Gulf oil spill

Earlier this month, environmental and clean energy activists, as well as coastal communities breathed a much needed sigh of relief when the Obama administration reversed last spring’s reckless decision to open up new offshore areas to oil drilling. Now, thankfully, …

Business & Technology

Will we make the needed investment in the nation's cities?

The nation's metro areas could be centers of innovation, green jobs, and low-carbon technology. So why do we treat them like stepchildren?