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Green growth

Tony Blair, Climate Group, and CAP call for strong technology deployment policy

Tony Blair and the Climate Group have written an excellent report, “Breaking the Climate Deadlock: Technology for a Low Carbon Future (PDF).” While they endorse strong investment in technology development – as the Center for …

'Tis the season to break some temperature records

NOAA: “El Niño is expected to strengthen and last through” winter

NOAA’s National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center released its monthly El Niño/Southern oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic Discussion: Synopsis: El Niño is expected to strengthen and last through the Northern Hemisphere Winter 2009-2010. A weak El Niño …

In Which I Describe The Current Price Collar As: "Zzzzzzzzzz. Crickets chirp. Glaciers melt."

How the Senate can fix cost containment in the climate bill with ‘price collar plus’

The climate and clean energy bill that narrowly passed the House has three problems related to cost containment (CC) that the Senate should — and I expect will — address: Fence-sitting Senators (and industries) worry …

Double Ultra economic stimulus Deluxe!

Cash for Clunkers pays for itself in oil savings while generating free CO2 reductions

Seth Borenstein, the AP science writer I admire greatly, has a long piece explaining that Cash for Clunkers is a very cost-ineffective way to save CO2. Duh*. “As a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, …

Journalistic "balance"

NYT’s Revkin persists in selling spin from long-wrong deniers

Environmentalists assert that the reports by the panel are watered down by a requirement that sponsoring governments approve its summaries line by line. Some experts fret that the organization, charged with assessing fast-evolving science, has …

Unscientific America 2: Buy the book — and read it.

The fate of the next 50 generations may well be determined in the next several months and the next several years.  Will Congress agree to a shrinking GHG cap and the clean energy transformation?  If …

A farmer speaks

Debunking the meat/climate change myth

Editor’s note: Eliot Coleman is one of the most revered and influential small-scale farmers in the United States, famous for growing delicious vegetables through the Maine winter with little use of fossil fuel. Eliot sent …

Rolling out the Astroturf

Forged climate bill letters a ‘blatant fraud,’ says women’s group

Among the forged anti-climate letters that found their way to Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va.) earlier this summer was a message purporting to be from the American Association of University Women (AAUW). One can only assume …

Summer of solutions

Youth find new ways to fight climate change from the ground up

Timothy DenHerder-Thomas (left) and fellow “solutionaries.”Photo: Summer of Solutions blogFossils like Washington Post columnist George Will may think that “the Mall does not reverberate with youthful clamors about carbon.” But that’s because a growing number …

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