Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Will Pete Rouse, Obama’s new chief of staff, push for climate action?

Rahm Emanuel's replacement has political savvy, energy-policy chops, and experience warding off environmental attacks from Republicans in Congress.

Climate & Energy

Heritage hypocritically misrepresents scientists' words

The folks at the Heritage Foundation have just turned in quite an editing whopper.


The exploding-kids climate video everyone's talking about

A British climate group has stirred up a hornets' nest with a darkly humorous (?) video that shows climate doubters being blown up into a bloody mess

Climate & Energy

Violent climate video is the opposite of what 10/10/10 is about

A new video from misguided activists shows schoolchildren blown up for not believing in climate change. We at think it's disgusting.

Climate & Energy

A small venture that could generate big results

Imagine a program that turns a relatively small initial investment into billions of dollars of U.S. economic growth, thousands of new Americans jobs, and groundbreaking technologies that change the way we use energy in this country and around the world. …


Striking images of disconnected streets and unwanted sprawl

Here's images of Florida sprawl, much of the development unfinished for lack of buyers, and all of it within a convenient walk of, well, nothing.

Gubernatorial tutorial: What's at stake in your governor's race?

Maine: Guv candidate Paul LePage hates Obama, reporters, and the planet

Paul LePage, the TeaOP candidate for governor in Maine, has a loony climate-denying, DEP-bashing, offshore-oil-dr … spilling platform.

Climate & Energy

Senator blocks budget director nominee over offshore drilling ban

Jack Lew, the would-be budget director, is sidelined by Louisiana Sen Mary Landrieu's attempts to force Obama to lift the offshore drilling moratorium

Climate & Energy

U.S. home energy efficiency improved since 1970, so why are the bills the same?

A new study shows that despite our advances in technology, we still consume as much energy as we did in the early 1970s.