Climate & Energy

How to get the boob tube to tell the truth about climate change

What if there were a group that worked with TV & movie writers to insure that info about climate in pop culture was frequent and accurate? This group could be it.

What oil subsidies is Obama targeting?

The president has proposed eliminating subsidies to the oil industry. Here are some that he should focus on bringing to an end:

Genghis Khan — not that green after all

A new study highlights the supposed green benefits of Genghis Khan's mass slaughter -- but neglects his not-so-green sex life.

Obama's State of the Union energy proposals are … thrilling? bipartisan? misleading?

A roundup of reactions to the innovation and energy goals set by Obama in his State of the Union address.

Obama's 80 percent clean energy goal: Who's he kidding?

President Obama's stated goals for clean energy and high speed rail in the State of the Union address are unrealistic in a backward-looking nation.

We need trains to 'win the future' — so get over that deficit hysteria

High-speed rail does not materialize with the snap of a finger or the uttering of inspiring words in a State of the Union speech. It costs public money.

The Oscar-nominated green documentary short you have to watch

Watch the Oscar-nominated short film about a Chinese village that conquered a chemical company. Trickery! People overcoming adversity! Cute swans!

Chinese solar company scores with German soccer team sponsorship

Yingli Green Energy is getting into the world's game by sponsoring FC Bayern Munich, one of the biggest teams in soccer.

Obama was wrong not to mention climate change in his State of the Union

Fresh off the hottest year on record, Obama's 2011 State of the Union said ... nothing about climate change. This is a failure on Obama's part.