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A news digest of recent water stories

Bring on all the water news — the good, the bad and the ugly

It’s not so unusual to see water stories topping the news these days. Even when that news is very bad, that’s very good news indeed. …

A scientific hack job that won’t cripple climate talks

Once again, the opponents of climate action are relying on spurious, deceptive, dishonest, and possibly illegal practices to disrupt the world’s steady march to achieving a solution to a warming planet.

hedging on a pledge

Obama administration may (finally) offer greenhouse-gas targets

Todd SternAs Dave lamented last week, most of the predicting and posturing preceding the Copenhagen climate talks amounts to little more than Some Person Guessing. …

just another bill to pay

Treat energy efficiency like a utility

With David Leonhardt’s piece on a new weatherization program/jobs bill nicknamed “Cash for Caulkers” generating buzz, as well as questions, it seemed a good time …

Don't Miss Climate Change Ground Zero Showdown

Copenhagen, U.S.A. December 7

If the Obama administration is unwilling or unable to stop the massive environmental destruction of historic mountain ranges and essential drinking water for a relatively …

A hot topic for the classroom

Environmental education in Guinea Bissau

The Presidential Palace. The Presidential Palace in Guinea Bissau lies derelict and burnt out. You can walk amongst the shards of broken crockery, blackened banisters, …

Of price and men

Making buildings more efficient: looking beyond price

Photo courtesy kimberlyfaye via Flickr Using energy more efficiently in buildings may be the fastest, cheapest way to substantially reduce carbon emissions in the short-term. …

Carbon fixated

Newtongate: the final nail in the coffin of Enlightenment thinking

Carbon Fixated has now a exposed a far greater scandal than “Carbongate.” It is time to expose the fraudulent religion that worships Issac Newton, who …

From wreaths to positions

City preps and countries posture ahead of Copenhagen talks

As Copenhagen prepares for December, a strange combination of Christmas lights, clean energy expos, evergreen wreaths, and security barriers have begun to crop up around …