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Will Berkeley become the electric car capital?

Electric cars are coming! And the $41,000 question (before rebates and tax incentives) is whether American drivers will buy them. We say keep your eye on Berkeley, Calif.

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Smoggy senators protest EPA plan to save thousands of children’s lives

In a startling act of fealty to polluter interests, several senators are fighting scientifically guided smog limits that would save thousands of lives a year.

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Cars that run on crap, and 9 more green stories to amaze your friends

128-degree weather. Climate denying iPhones. Hair on snakes (just kidding). Don't miss this week's true tales of green.

Power Struggle: America's old coal plants and new EPA regulations

The other new EPA rules that could threaten coal plants

There are a number of things brewing at the EPA that are making coal utility executives nervous.

Climate & Energy

Death by Growth: what the climate-bill autopsies missed

By now the corpse of the climate bill has been so thoroughly autopsied, that examining it any further seems almost inhumane. A whole army of coroners have weighed in, suggesting an array of possible causes of death: Republican obstructionism, failed …

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Can we calculate the true cost of our dependence on oil?

A BP shareholder comes clean on big oil, the true costs of an increasingly dangerous dependency, and why BP may bounce back from this disaster virtually unscathed.

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Prop 23 threatens Silicon Valley's newest solar assembly line

American solar companies are building factories in California even though it would be far cheaper to make photovoltaic panels in China. Why? "The ecosystem is here," explains green tech investor Vinod Khosla. But that balmy business climate will change if …

Climate & Energy

The smart bike that pedals and twitters across America

Humans think they've got the market cornered on electronic communication, but a twittle bird told us that's no longer the case. See what we mean.

Meet the minds behind all that climate change data

Dust Bowl 2: Drought detective predicts drier future for American Southwest

If you’re one of the tens of millions of people who live in the southwestern United States, get ready for drier weather. That’s the message from Richard Seager, a climate scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observa