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Climate & Energy

What Gulf spill? Around the world, deepwater drilling keeps on keepin’ on

Deepwater drilling continues around the world, despite the Gulf disaster.

Climate & Energy

Imminent UN vote on the right to water

On July 28, after years of grassroots pressure, the United Nations’ General Assembly will consider and debate a resolution supporting the right to “safe and clean drinking water and sanitation”. Maude Barlow, former Senior Advisor on Water to the President …

Climate & Energy

Home Star teeters on the edge

Remember Home Star, the killer bill that would incentivize thousands of home energy retrofits across the country, reduce energy bills for struggling homeowners, put some of America’s hardest hit trades back to work, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? The one …

Climate & Energy

How to make energy programs work better (for free!)

I’ve written before (more than once) that energy reformers should pay more attention to behavior. Instead there is an almost universal obsession with technology and economic cost, narrowly construed. If you think of people as rational interest maximizers, as per …

Business & Technology

BP photoshops clean-up command center picture

From Iranian missile tests to George W. Bush campaign ads, using Photoshop to make yourself look better is anything but innovative. Even more so because if you cut corners (literally and figuratively), you’ll probably get caught and wish you could …


Fate of PACE clean-energy programs about to become clearer

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have shut down most of the nation’s programs using Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), an innovative tool (explained here) that helps Americans finance green improvements to their homes. Here’s the latest news: The Federal Housing …

Climate & Energy

Global CO2 emissions fall in 2009, but the past decade still sees rapid emissions growth

The temperature’s rising; can the big carbon-emitting countries take the heat? In 2009, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in China — the world’s leading emitter — grew by nearly nine percent. At the same time, emissions in most industrial countries dropped, …

Climate & Energy

How trains replaced solar-powered transport and gave rise to the Farm Belt

Greens like me tend to fetishize trains. And for good reason. Why risk your life in a private, energy-intensive pod, negotiating traffic and the dubious decisions of hundreds of other drivers, when you could be comfortably reading on a subway? …

Climate & Energy

BP Fails to Make Top Ten

Fingers crossed. BP’s oil leak has apparently stopped shy of 200 million gallons spewed into the Gulf of Mexico and a few million more burned off into plumes of toxic smoke. Many have dubbed it the worst environmental disaster in …