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GE names first winners of $200 million Ecomagination Challenge

Windows that darken to keep out summer heat are among the innovations from green-tech entrepreneurs scoring big bucks from GE.

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Climate action plan: Innovate first, regulate later

Technology policy -- not carbon caps -- is our best hope for fighting climate change.

Climate & Energy

Live chats with Protect Our Winters’ Chris Steinkamp and the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune

We'll be chatting live with Chris Steinkamp, executive director of Protect Our Winters. And next Tuesday, the Sierra Club's Michael Brune will chew the chat fat with David Roberts.

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Changing behavior: it ain't easy

To address climate change, we need to change behavior, but appeals to the rational mind aren't enough. So what works? Here's a glimpse.

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Can professional sports do more than politics to save the planet?

Pro sports teams are greening stadiums, forging corporate partnerships with green themes, and encouraging sustainable practices among fans.

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Upton takes right-wing beatdown for incandescent bulb ban

When Republican choose the head of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, the decision may come down to light bulbs. That's right, light bulbs.

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Ford's first all-electric car to be sold in 20 cities in 2011

Bummed you don't live in a city that will get the Nissan Leaf or the Chevrolet Volt next month? Wait another year and the electric Ford Focus will roll into town.


9 things I learned by shadowing a home-energy inspector

Everyone knows that weatherization is the super-duper-est economic policy ever. But forget policy for a moment. Let's look at how it works out in the real world.

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On habits and how to change them

If you want to change what people think, you need to change what they do. That's the painstaking work of building a more sustainable society.