Climate & Energy

NASA's latest analysis shouldn't cheer anyone

Without coal, the most catastrophic climate scenarios may not happen

NASA’s latest analysis of the intersection of peak oil and climate change argues that oil and natural gas alone probably won’t get us to 450ppm. …

Drill here, drill now

A pipe dream

Data Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration From Architecture 2030

Trumping old King Coal

Kingsnorth six acquitted in U.K. for coal-plant protest and vandalism

Good news from the U.K.: The Kingsnorth Six were acquitted by a Crown Court jury. They were members of a group of 23 Greenpeace volunteers …

Energy Star program needs improvement, says Consumer Reports

The U.S. EPA is facing off with Consumer Reports over the federal Energy Star program, which rates the energy efficiency of products in more than …

Power to the pupil

Power Vote plans to mobilize 1 million young adults to vote on climate change

The Energy Action Coalition officially launched Power Vote yesterday, a nationwide effort to mobilize a million young people to vote on the issue of climate …

A climate change we can disbelieve in

Sarah Palin’s record on climate change

  Sarah Palin, U.S. vice presidential candidate, may be an influential actor in Congressional efforts to pass climate change legislation. Photo Courtesy State of Alaska. …

Alaska natural-gas pipeline is far from a done deal

Photo: triciaward In her speech at the Republican National Convention last week, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin touted her role in moving forward a plan for …


Gas prices getting you down?  Take a free ride in the Solartaxi. ….adding: just don’t try it in Alaska.

McCain on Palin: Epic fail

She knows ‘more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America’

This is an amazing video (via). A reporter (of course a local Maine reporter — no campaign reporter would be so rude as to ask …